Obligatory registration on eCommerce websites kills conversion, i.e converting a user to a costumer. Can you imagine going into a physical shop and being asked all these questions before you can purchase anything?

Making customers register before they checkout is a barrier to purchase, but plenty of retailers are yet to learn this lesson, and are still making users register before checkout. The arguments against this barrier are compelling.

Research shows that enforced sign-up before purchase may be a reason for cart abandonment for up to 40% of consumers. ASOS halved its basket abandonment rate at the registration page simply by removing any mention of creating an account. In a more famous example from Jared Spool, one retailer added $300m to its annual revenues by removing the registration button.

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  • Anonym  7 years ago

    Amazing – I fully agree. Obligatory registration in essence on eCommerce websites makes end user abandon the website. This article endorses my views too.