The IT industry is in transition – from a focus on features and functions to a focus on user experience. With this shift, the entire industry – vendors, customers and especially IT – needs to adjust with different skills, solutions and processes. Design, innovation, user experience and the future of IT are key topics that SAP is driving to help customers through this transition.


Some of our UX and Design leadership team members, under Sam Yen, are addressing these ideas and providing perspectives, insight and inspiration through a series of blog published on SAP Business Trends. The team is also featured in a series of SAP Radio programs where they discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities with others in business and academics. Follow this page to get weekly updates and links to recent blogs and radio programs featuring the insights from the UX and Design leadership team at SAP.  

Sam Yen became the chief design officer at SAP in June 2013. Under his leadership, we are continuing our journey with design thinking, improving the user experience of our software and providing customers with solutions and tools to delight their end users. Sam is currently a fellow at the, spending an academic year expanding on and sharing his own understanding of innovation and design.

Andreas Hauser (@hauserandreas) is the global head of the Design and Co-innovation Center (DCC). Together with Janaki Kumar (@janakikumar), who runs the DCC in North America, they direct a team of experts who are helping customers every day in design thinking workshops to solve user experience challenges within their organizations.

Adi Kavaler (@adikavaler) is global head of SAP Fiori – a big job considering SAP Fiori is the new user experience for SAP software. His technology background and team’s focus on customers and partners is really driving the adoption of our UX solutions.

Denis Browne heads up our Imagineering team at SAP, which has brought SAP Screen Personas to market as a key tool to allow customers to modernize the SAP GUI.

Maricel Cabahug relies on her former experience as Chief Information Officer at Yaskawa Electric America to manage a team of designers responsible for helping our internal development and engineering teams to implement SAP Fiori UX across our solution portfolio.

Chris Mark is the executive director for the UX and Design team and has 20+ years of experience helping companies optimize performance – as a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, and in multiple leadership roles at SAP.


Read the blogs:

Published in June 2015

Create Your Company’s UX Strategy (Andreas Hauser)

10 Paradoxes of the Creative Person (Janaki Kumar)


Published in May 2015

Observation Reveals a Different Picture – A UX Story (Maricel Cabahug)

Five Steps to Diversity by Design (Janaki Kumar)


Published in April 2015

Delight in Diversity (Janaki Kumar)

Seven steps to a creative culture (Janaki Kumar)

Fitting Design to a ‘T’ (Janaki Kumar) A Community Dedicated to Scaling Creativity in Large Organizations (Sam Yen)

Top 10 Tips to Set Up a UX Center of Excellence (Andreas Hauser)


Published in March 2015

HanaHaus: A design thinking café fueled by community (Sam Yen)

Hive: A UX Event in Palo Alto (Sam Yen)

Design + SAP HANA = Innovation (Andreas Hauser)

Next Stop on your Design Thinking Journey:  Creating a UX Center of Excellence (Janaki Kumar)

To Improve UX, Rethink IT (Maricel Cabahug)

Creating a Space for Innovation (Andreas Hauser)

5 Practical Tips for Global Design Teams (Janaki Kumar)


Published in February 2015

Innovation Process: Moving Past Insanity (Andreas Hauser)

Design for Millennials (Chris Mark)

There’s Never Been a Better Time to be an Enterprise Software Designer (by Janaki Kumar)

UI vs. UX: What a Difference a Letter Makes (by Adi Kavaler)

Your 2015 Design Reading List (by Chris Mark)

The Right People: A Key to Innovation (by Andreas Hauser)  


Published in January 2015

Engage Your Employees with Gamification (by Janaki Kumar)

CIO or KTLO? The Choice Is Yours (by Andreas Hauser)

Don’t Look Back: User Experience in the Enterprise is Transforming (by Adi Kavaler)

UX + IT = ROI (by Chris Mark)

How Creative Confidence Drives Innovation (by Sam Yen)

Gamification: The Power to Transform Work (by Janaki Kumar)

The Dollars and Sense of UX (by Andreas Hauser)  


Published in December 2014

The Force Behind the New SAP Experience (by Sam Yen)

Vocera Benefits from a Simpler SAP Quotation Process (by Denis Browne)  


Listen to the SAP Radio Programs:

Meeting the Demands of a New Wave of Workers – Guests: Chris Mark (SAP), Steven Dubis (Amazon), Kinh Demaree (Axiom Zen)

Taking Design Thinking Global to Solve Innovation Challenges – Guests: Sam Yen (SAP), Fred Leichter (Fidelity) and Tim Shriver (The Future Project)

The Case for Space: Disrupting the Status Quo with Innovation – Guests: Sam Yen (SAP), Greg Petroff (Chief Experience Officer, GE Software) and Jason Yotopoulos (mach49)

Importance of Simple Design: Participate – Guests: Martin Wezowski (SAP), Sana Salam (Sodales Solutions) and Tom Lamar (THINK Interactive)

Mobile and User Experience: Exploring New Frontiers – Guests: Adi Kavaler, (SAP), Scott Bonnell (Mocana) and Owen Pettiford (CompriseIT) 

Meeting Expectations for User experience in the Enterprise – Guests: Andreas Hauser (SAP), Shaun Syvertsen (Convergent IS) and Scott Liewehr (Digital Clarity Group)

Game-On With Gamification – Guests: Janaki Kumar (SAP), Rajat Paharia (Bunchball) and Mario Herger (Enterprise Gamification Consultancy)

Why Design Matters in a Complex World – Guests: Sam Yen (SAP), Jayson Mayden (MarkOne) and George Kembel (Stanford D.School)  


Learn more about UX and Design by watching videos on YouTube.

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