Storytelling is an established and popular tool for movies, television, comics and many other areas of visual media. Storyboards help to add real-world context. People, places and e.g. devices will be involved and it is easier to keep your mind on the flow.


When do I use this method?

You are working on a problem, application, or feature and want to find out how to best get from where you are now (start) to your desired solution (end).


How do I use this method?

Each team is handed a scenario with a start frame and an end frame. They need to fill in the gap with a story and explain how to arrive at the final frame.


Preparation of “Start & End” Storyboard:


Describe the PROBLEM (start frame):

I am trying to: ___________ (users’ goal)

BUT _____________________ (users’ problem).


Describe BENEFIT (end frame):

What would your customer like to say about your solution (Do not describe the whole feature list!)?



During the workshop:



What are the important moments for executing the solution?



What are the benefits?

This method uses the power of storytelling to define a path towards a goal. It is easier for the team to get empathy for the user and his goal.


Duration: Up to 1 day

Number of people: 3 – 4 per team

Level of expertise: Newbie

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  • Mian Murad Ahmad   3 years ago

    I want to conduct a story boarding with one of my team and was wondering if any templates or reference material that might be available that you can share?

  • Carolin Klimek   3 years ago

    Hi, sorry, I do not have an official template. If you search for “storyboard template” you will find a variety of them for free.