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Food for Prototyping

On April 15th the European Design at Business Community met the first time in 2016. Hosted by Philips in Eindhoven the Design Thinking experts took the chance of an exchange at eye level on “Prototyping new Realities”.
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Part 1 – Agile UX: Understanding the Agile World from a UX Perspective

Over the past 10 years SAP has successfully introduced and established great methods for development teams to faster and better design and develop products. Lean software development, agile software engineering and design thinking all successfully help us to deliver great software solutions for our customers and drive innovation. In part 1 of this two-part article […]
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Usability on the Fast Track

In an agile, fast-paced development environment, getting user feedback for your design in time is a logistical challenge. If you want users to meet design in fast iteration cycles, you need two components just in time – users, and design. Suppose you have access to the former, say, because you arranged early for meetings with […]
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Bernard Rummel