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Using Ranking to Reflect Intelligence in User Interfaces

Ranking is among a group of basic patterns that can help to reflect an intelligent insight. Ranking is such a pervasive pattern because it helps users easily identify quickly the top options.
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Carlos Martinez Gomez

SAP UX Day 2019: on human-centered design

Over 600 attendees came together for the fifth SAP UX Day in Karlsruhe, Germany, to explore what it means to humanize technology and discuss the responsibilities of designers
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Tobias Essig

An AI Menu for Your Next Lunch Gathering

Should you happen to be dining with friends and talk turns to artificial intelligence, its subdivisions and its potential evolutions, this “menu” might come in handy.
1904  | 
Esther Blankenship

The “Emotional” Enterprise

Our expectations for intelligent systems to understand us, help us, and connect with us on an emotional level will increase exponentially in the coming years.
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Maricel Cabahug

Soft Skills in a Software-Driven World

Our journey to revolutionize business with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to what we now call the “intelligent enterprise.” This means that machines will increasingly take over the tasks that they do best. Luckily for us, those tasks are mostly repetitive, mundane, and dreary. Stuff we probably didn’t want to be […]
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Maricel Cabahug

Ten Tips to Design Better Bots for Business

On Nov 30th, I was invited to CXxAI — an interactive roundtable for Customer Experience leaders in enterprise organizations. During the panel, we focused on the most widely used form of artificial intelligence in customer experience — chatbots and virtual assistants, enhanced with natural language processing capabilities. We discussed how leading organizations are using this technology. What are the challenges […]
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Janaki Kumar