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Let’s talk with Ewa, our SAP EarlyWatch Alert Chatbot

This post takes you through my journey as a conversation designer and the collective effort of my team in designing the conversational experience of “Ewa”, our chatbot for SAP EarlyWatch Alert. This will give you an overview of the design process we followed from our initial design thinking workshop with customers and SAP colleagues leading all the way up to building our 1st version.
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Converse with your Digital Core : IBM The Weather Company Skills for SAP CoPilot for EAM

Ever wished you had a Intelligent Assistant, who would assist you in making your day to day business decisions. Well don't look any further, your assistant is right around the corner, waiting to speak to you. We bring to you an Enterprise Asset Management Innovation use case with SAP Co-pilot on S/4HANA and its value proposition for clients. Learn how IBM can support clients in making intelligent decisions when it comes to assigning work to the work force, planning any maintenance and checking the best time to carry out the work in field by combining The Weather Company Data and using RPA and Machine Learning. SAP Co-Pilot is a Digital Assistant for the Enterprise with conversational UX like Alexa/Google for your Digital core. You could work hands free if you choose to with your day to day processes. The value is in improved efficiency of the employees completing day to day tasks efficiently with contextual help, and quick next actions based on Intelligible insights. See what you can make of it for your clients business processes or their enterprise processes like HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance and many more. Rethink your Digital Operations with SAP Co-Pilot innovations brought to you by the SAP Innovations team at IBM, powered by The Weather Company.
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