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Does Customer Engagement Sound Like Just a Buzzword to You?

The term “customer engagement” is used so often that it can admittedly sound a bit hollow. However, for those of us designing and developing enterprise software, it is a solid, hard-core matter of survival. Whether long-term or short-term, big or small, involving customers in the R&D process is vital to producing products people want to […]
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Connecting and Convincing with Creative Confidence – The Basics

If being visual couldn’t be further away from your comfort zone, then trust me, you’re not alone. Discover how picking up a pen and getting a little more visual could help you reach the person you’re communicating with in a much more open, honest, and authentic way.
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How You Can Influence SAP Product Development

Would you like to influence SAP product developments? Visit https://influence.sap.com to find the latest opportunities to improve solutions in mainstream maintenance and to engage with SAP product teams regarding future functionality. SAP invites you to get in touch with us via two programs – Customer Connection and the Customer Engagement Initiative.
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