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“This is SAP, too!” – Open House Day 2016 at the AppHaus Heidelberg

A new space for a new year! As part of the annual SAP People Weeks, our team, the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC), once again welcomed interested visitors to the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg, where we had the chance to discuss the topic “YOU in the Digital Workplace” and learn about cutting-edge working methods. From […]
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Young Researchers from Around the World Gain Initial Insight into Design Thinking

At the International Summer Science School Heidelberg (ISH) on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 28 students aged between 16 and 21 from Heidelberg’s various sister cities around the world got an introduction to the Design Thinking method. In a one-day workshop, the students gained an understanding of the different steps involved in this work method. The […]
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“Back on Track” – How an Idea Evolves

The winners of the 2015 SAP Gründerwerkstatt, a workshop for startup entrepreneurs, were recently invited to the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg for an interview. Their “Back on Track” project had just garnered another accolade in winning the Google Impact Challenge, which followed a second-place finish in ECHT GUT!, an award the German state of Baden-Württemberg […]
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P&I Early Talents Design their Future at SAP

In late November, about 140 early talents from all over Germany gathered at the Rhein-Neckar Arena in Sinsheim, close to SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf, to experience SAP – the company they have joined during the last two years – as part of the P&I Early Talents develop&&impact Program. On day one, Sibylle Barz (P&I ET […]
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Ann-Sofie Ruf

Expert vs. End User from a Designer’s Perspective

From my experience as a designer at SAP's Design & Co-Innovation Center, one common issue we face during our design research is the (mis)understanding of roles–the expert and a typical end user. While these roles have a lot of overlap, they are not interchangeable.
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Open House at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg 2015 – Behind the Scenes at DCC

About 500 guests showed up at the AppHaus Heidelberg and the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) following the open house invitation last weekend. On Friday, September 25, the AppHaus was only open for SAP employees, while its doors were open to the wider public on Saturday, September 26. Anyone who wanted to learn about […]
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“New Heroes in Rhine-Neckar” – Kick-Off Event at SAP AppHaus Heidelberg

On September 2, 2015 the “Your City, Your Ideas – New Heroes in Rhine-Neckar” competition officially kicked off in the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg. In this competition, the crowdfunding platform SPONSORT has joined forces with the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center, Volksbank Kurpfalz, and the cities of Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, and Mannheim to search for people with […]
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Exploring The Real Working Life – How the DCC Inspires Future Students

I had the great honor of interviewing Johanna Welz (18) and Viola Benecke (17), the two young women who joined SAP´s Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC), based in the AppHaus in Heidelberg, for one month as interns. Johanna just having graduated and Viola still a continuing student are on their way to find out what […]
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Sneakers and Cable Drums

The SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg welcomes about 3000 visitors a year – people who come to do business with SAP, be they customers or partners. Many of them react with surprise when they enter our space. When we ask them about the reason for their reaction, the answer usually is that „this doesn’t look like SAP.“ „But what were you expecting?“, we ask.
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Daniel Markwig

Personalities You’ve Met at Workshops

At the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP, our team members have facilitated a number of workshops, especially Design Thinking (DT) Workshops. We learned that preparing and presenting the workshop content is only half of what is required to deliver a successful workshop. The other half is managing different types of participants to make […]
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Warm Ups: One Hand Paper Airplanes

In a recent workshop the DCC hosted, we did a particularly challenging and fun warm up of holding a paper airplane contest. Easy, right? But there’s a catch. The paper airplanes can only be built with one hand.
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The 2014 M-Prize Workshop: A Unique Innovation Experience

When you think of a Design Thinking workshop, you probably envision a group of people working together to solve one particular problem. However, last week, the Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP took a whole new approach by bringing together three organizations with vastly different goals to collaborate and learn from each other. I had the […]
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Visual Facilitation Training

Visual Facilitation is an innovative way of representing the information through the use of graphic symbols and minimal text. It can also be used as real-time note taking method at meetings, seminars, and conferences.
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“If you want to go far – go together”: A DCC-Retrospective

On September 2nd – 4th, 2014, design managers from all over the world met at the Academic Design Management Conference to discuss their insights and past experiences. A good opportunity to have Janaki Kumar and Tobias Haug, the team leaders of the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP, share their retrospective with us on the founding and development of their teams.
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Design Thinking Workshops

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “Design Thinking?” You probably think that these words are related to designers or the design industry, right? Well, you’re right… but only partially. After all, the person who coined this “problem-solving methodology” is none other than David Kelley, the founder of […]
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d.Camp Impact and Reflections

The experiences of a d.Camp at SAP helped to shape my perception and represent a valuable contribution to my daily work.
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Ann-Sofie Ruf