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“I Love the Surprise Factor”: Lilia about being a User Research Trainer

Lilia Ungefug is a user experience researcher at SAP. Within her first year as a trainer for user research, she has been internally awarded for her engagement and high motivation. In an interview, Lilia shared some exciting moments and insights about her passion as a trainer.   Lilia, what do you enjoy the most as […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Sign up by January 25th to Learn the Basics of Design Research for Free!

Design is becoming increasingly important in the development process for products and services across all industries, not just in IT. To meet end-user expectations and deliver the ideal user experience, design research is a critical pre-project task. If you’re interested in learning more, why not sign up to the next run of Basics of Design Research on openSAP.
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Claire Donelon

Strengthening Democracy Through Design

Through a partnership with TurboVote, SAP is using research and design to help address low turnout rates among America's young, first-time voters. With over 500,000 new TurboVote subscribers in 2016 alone, the work is having real impact.
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Tyler Nickerson

Expert vs. End User from a Designer’s Perspective

From my experience as a designer at SAP's Design & Co-Innovation Center, one common issue we face during our design research is the (mis)understanding of roles–the expert and a typical end user. While these roles have a lot of overlap, they are not interchangeable.
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We are all Design(Think)ers!

Design Thinking is a term more and more people hear about lately but many perceive it to be confined to “designers”. Well, if you see something you don’t agree with and strive to change it, whether that be a business process or a piece of software, you are a designer too! As a designer I […]
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Creativity in the Heart of Heidelberg

Working with customers is where great creativity and innovation come from, Sam Yen, Global Head of Design, User Experience and Frontline Apps told the press, customers and SAP employees at the launch of the new SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg last week. Launched under the umbrella of the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC), the SAP […]
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Gloria Costa