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Hot Off the Press: “SAP Fiori – UX Design for Developers” E-Bite

Tillman Swinke, SAP UX designer and UX enthusiast, recently co-authored SAP Fiori – UX design for developers with Anne Kathrine Petterøe. I sat down with Tillman to talk about his new publication and what we can expect to learn about SAP Fiori app design.
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Andrea Waisgluss

SAP Fiori – How It Started and Where It’s Going

SAP Fiori has come a long way since its introduction to the marketplace over half a decade ago. Because of this journey, there are some misconceptions out there about what SAP Fiori is exactly. When we talk today about SAP Fiori today, we are referring to a comprehensive design system for enterprise software. SAP Fiori […]
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Esther Blankenship