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Testing the Design of the German Corona-Warn-App: Online Studies 

Many national governments opted for launching nation-wide corona warning apps. Germany’s Corona-Warn-App now counts over 24 million downloads: The higher the adoption rate of the app, the more it can contribute to contain the COVID-19 pandemic by breaking infection chains. User experience is crucial for the adoption rate of any app, no matter if it is a business or consumer grade app. Thus, there […]
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Saskia Guckenburg
The Knowledge Worker as Forensic Investigator

SAP Fiori: Understanding insight to action

Some of the hallmarks of the knowledge worker are an inquiring mind and a desire to improve business processes.  For knowledge workers to be effective they need to be ready to access to insights and wide-ranging access to explore and act on those insights.  For knowledge workers, a certain kind of user experience is helpful, […]
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Jocelyn Dart

Today: SAP Fiori-side Chat session on The New SAP User Experience on Mobile

Episode 14 of our weekly SAP Fiori-side Chat live session will take place today. A great panel of experts shares its insights about the new SAP User Experience on mobile. You can join us live on Zoom. To continue providing you with valuable information about SAP UX and SAP Fiori activities during this time, we […]
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Tobias Essig

SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined 2020: Meet SAP’s UX and Mobile Experts

For the first time ever, SAPPHIRE NOW is fully reimagined as a digital program. On June 15, SAPPHIRE NOW Converge has been launched, a digital network with multiple channels featuring scheduled and on-demand content with keynotes, live interactions, and expert conversations. User experience and mobile content is featured in the Intelligent Enterprise channel premiere offering […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Today: SAP Fiori-side Chat session on SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud

Episode 10 of our weekly SAP Fiori-side Chat live session will take place today. A great panel of experts shares its insights about how to use SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud properly. You can join us live on Zoom here: https://lnkd.in/gysQBz8 To continue providing you with valuable information about SAP UX and […]
1298  | 
Tobias Essig

Situation Handling in SAP Fiori

The power of Situation Handling reveals when you apply the concept for the entire ERP system. In this article I discuss several aspects of integration in SAP Fiori design system.
1197  | 
Vladimir Shapiro

UX for Intelligent Situation Handling

The business world is full of situations. You miss your train to the office and need to reschedule a meeting. A colleague calls in sick, putting a major project milestone at risk. Or a supplier can’t fulfill your order, leaving you to find a workaround. How can we help business users to deal with the unexpected?
1497  | 
Vladimir Shapiro

Behind UX and SAP Design: Sofia

SAP is a global company and the scope of our design teams reaches far and wide. In our Behind UX and SAP Design series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today, it’s about Sofia, Bulgaria! Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, reveals layers upon layers […]
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Victoria Thomas

Behind UX and SAP Design: Vancouver

SAP is a global company and the scope of our design teams reaches far and wide. In our Behind UX and SAP Design series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today, it’s about Vancouver, Canada! Vancouver is a thriving city on the […]
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Victoria Thomas

Behind UX and SAP Design: Dublin

SAP is a global company and the scope of our UX teams reaches far and wide. In the Behind UX and SAP Design series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today we’re starting with Dublin!
1464  | 
Victoria Thomas

Behind UX and SAP Design: Bangalore

SAP is a global company and the scope of our design teams reaches far and wide. In the SAP Design Live & Work series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today, it’s about Bangalore / India.
1848  | 
Elizabeth Hoo

The SAP Fiori Design System – Overview and Evolution

SAP Fiori is a design system that provides a consistent user experience for SAP software across platforms and devices. How do the different pieces of the design system work together? How did we get to the designs we have today?
6856  | 
Kai Richter

Fiori Makers Video Series – Yorkshire Water

Hitz Patel – Capgemini UK’s Head of SAP design – showcased an SAP Fiori project, they have done together with their customer Yorkshire Water. The use case of the app includes the data capture and data governance by partners, that build assets for Yorkshire Water during capital projects. The showcased application includes current SAP Fiori layouts/floorplans like the Overview Page and […]
1855  | 
Tillman Swinke

Four Years of Global Impact Weeks, and Growing

Impact Week is a non-profit program which unites people from a variety of countries to develop sustainable business models using Design Thinking. The organization is rapidly growing around the globe, from one location in 2015 to eight in 2019. This growth can both be challenging and inspiring. Here are some insights into the experiences SAP colleagues made while volunteering for Impact Week in 2018, and a first glimpse at the program for 2019.
1511  | 
Imke Vierjahn

SAP UX Day 2019: on human-centered design

Over 600 attendees came together for the fifth SAP UX Day in Karlsruhe, Germany, to explore what it means to humanize technology and discuss the responsibilities of designers
2850  | 
Tobias Essig

Fiori Makers Video Series – 2BM

August Engkilde and Martin Pock from 2BM. They give a project report of their design-driven approach for their customer SKOV. They present how they have designed an offline-enabled mobile application meeting the needs of service workers for large climate systems at chicken and pig farms worldwide. In addition to the showcase presentation, Kai Richter, Chief Designer for SAP Fiori at SAP, explains how […]
1728  | 
Tillman Swinke

Fiori Makers Video Series – Flexso

Thomas Nelissen from Flexso gives a project report of their design-driven approach for their customer KSB. They present how employees can plan their flex-budget for benefits like company cars, mobile phones or additional vacation days and simulate the impact on their salary. In addition to the showcase presentation, Rainer Filsinger, Fiori Design Expert at SAP Design, explains how to apply […]
1585  | 
Tillman Swinke

Design Beautiful Mobile Apps with SAP Fiori for Android

SAP Fiori design language gives users a consistent and complete user experience in all SAP software across web and mobile platforms. SAP Fiori for Android connects the strengths of the Fiori user interface and Google's Material Design concepts to deliver the most intuitive and delightful enterprise applications.
6013  | 
Santosh Kikkeri

Designing for Disruption

In the age of “disruptive innovation,” American office furniture manufacturer Steelcase is creating products that don’t just push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship but serve as a platform to articulate identity. But what does this mean for SAP employees?
2737  | 
Laura Marwood

Meet our UX Tech and Design Experts @ SAP TechEd 2018

This year we have some great news about exploring SAP TechEd content. It couldn’t be easier for participants to find all the relevant content for the tracks that interest them as SAP is offering 35 first-rate Learning Journeys across eight conference tracks – one of which is titled, Consumer Grade Experience (CGE). Listen to Christoph Liebig, […]
2535  | 
Saskia Guckenburg

Encouraging Rolls-Royce Power Systems to Create an Innovation Culture

Societal developments and the digital era require key players to constantly evolve and stay innovative. In 2017, Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems therefore started collaborating with SAP to introduce design thinking in their company. The set goal: transforming the innovation culture at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. What began as a UX topic in IT, turned into an organization-wide new mindset change.
2320  | 
Anna-Maria Ihle

Pushing the Boundaries of Storytelling

The multidisciplinary teams at ART+COM push the boundaries of art and technology in spectacular installations that communicate complex information interactively
2810  | 
Esther Blankenship

How to Grow Your Currency of Trust Using Empathy

Only by understanding the true needs of our end users and customers, can we think of ways to solve their pain points and help them to overcome challenges. Try out a set of exercises to increase empathy through listening.
2685  | 
Tatjana Borovikov

Experience Design at SAPPHIRE 2018

Join us on stage at SAPPHIRENOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando from 5-7 June. Meet SAP's experts in various sessions on the latest UX and design related topics.
2213  | 
Matteo Rogolino

SAP Wins UX Design Award with Data Encounter!

The winners have been chosen and SAP is very pleased that “Data Encounter” has been honored with this year’s UX Design Award | Public Choice! The UX Design Awards are an annual competition hosted by the International Design Center Berlin. The Awards recognize excellent experience qualities in products, services, environments and future-oriented concepts. Particular focus […]
2779  | 
Guido Wagner

Human Impact of Biased AI in Business — and How to Go Beyond

As Andrew Ng, adjunct professor at Stanford, describes it, “AI is the next electricity, and there is no going back.” Just as electricity has changed many industries since it was introduced, so will AI. Therefore, it is important for individuals and businesses to understand this powerful technology, to ask the right questions, and to make the right […]
6505  | 
Janaki Kumar

Ten Tips to Design Better Bots for Business

On Nov 30th, I was invited to CXxAI — an interactive roundtable for Customer Experience leaders in enterprise organizations. During the panel, we focused on the most widely used form of artificial intelligence in customer experience — chatbots and virtual assistants, enhanced with natural language processing capabilities. We discussed how leading organizations are using this technology. What are the challenges […]
3777  | 
Janaki Kumar

Meaningful Motion in UI

When motion fills the gap between frames, the story comes to life and becomes more understandable. A great story has a beginning, middle, and an end. As such, motion facilitates comprehension by creating the full picture for us, while holding our attention.
3429  | 
Dragomir Ralchev

What Makes a Good Typeface?

Creating a typeface is the job of type designers. You, as a user, do not have to care about the design details; the important thing is that you have a great reading experience. However, even non-designers face font choices nowadays, and we know why typeface and typography matter. The following might help you choose the right font for […]
6267  | 
Jeong-Sook Lee

SAP Design Goes SAP TechEd 2017 in Barcelona

Agenda Next stop: Barcelona! After two successful events in Las Vegas and Bangalore, we are excited to meet you now in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Here again, we will introduce you to many hot topics. Learn about UX and Design from the SAP experts at first-hand. Meet our experts beforehand and get inspired which session you […]
3067  | 
Franziska Schäfer

Boosting User Productivity at Merck with SAP CoPilot – a Co-Innovation Story

SAP CoPilot is the first step towards a true digital assistant for the enterprise. It empowers business users and helps them quickly complete their everyday tasks. While evaluating SAP CoPilot Merck, based in Darmstadt, Germany, identified several opportunities to leverage SAP CoPilot to optimize their business processes.
4949  | 
Annika Ehrhard

A Great Day for User Experience at Our 5th Partner Info Day

On Friday, October 13th, we welcomed nearly 100 participants from over 50 SAP partners to Walldorf for our 5th Partner Info Day containing a full-load of user experience news and highlights. After a quick coffee and mingling, the day started off with an excellent keynote, a thought-provoking presentation on artificial intelligence titled, Of Machines and […]
2518  | 
Cecily Sorenson

Hey … I Am Talking to You!

This article explains why UX designers should start working on conversational user interfaces, and what SAP has in store for them.
3840  | 
Ivo van Barneveld

Free Course: Design Your First App with Build

This free open online course will help young people to get started with designing and developing apps and software. This course will help you to develop your own “Design Thinking”. You’ll learn how to use a free and fun prototyping tool called Build. The course has been especially designed for young people interested in technology, […]
2064  | 
Claire Donelon

Establishing Community through Design: Israeli Designers in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area is home to many transplants. A famous hub for those working in the tech industry, it has quickly developed into a diverse global center. However, with relocation sometimes comes culture shock, and many seek comfort in community. The local design community, for example, has grown into a thriving network within the last […]
1976  | 
Madelyn Andree

Meet our UX and Design Experts at SAP TechEd 2017 in Las Vegas

Agenda SAP TechEd 2017 in Las Vegas is coming – Are you joining us? At this year’s SAP TechEd, we have many hot topics to discuss. Learn about UX and Design from the SAP experts at first-hand. Meet our experts beforehand and get inspired which session you could join. Check out all Design sessions here. […]
3975  | 
Franziska Schäfer

Communicating with Accuracy and Inspiration at TEPCO with “Scenes”

It is no surprise that visual aids help convey ideas more concisely and accurately. For anyone who is looking to maximize his/her solution ideating and prototyping session, can be an excellent tool and icebreaker during any Design Thinking workshop that can create intensive but creative ideation. It became clear to the employers at Tokyo Electric […]
3305  | 
Jeannie Yun

Designers Finally Earn Their Seat

“You’ve won a seat at the table. People are listening to you. You’d better have something to say!” Challenging, motivational fighting talk straight from the mouth of Barry Katz, author, IDEO fellow and widely-published design historian, after telling an avid SAP audience how intensely design has influenced Silicon Valley over the decades and how designers […]
1969  | 
Paul Townsend

Design Beyond the Car

Klaus Frenzel of Daimler spoke at SAP about designing modern luxury
2419  | 
Esther Blankenship

SAP Fiori Makers

A community for developers & key users to share their experience designing SAP Fiori apps.
47254  | 
Tillman Swinke

Personality – The Interesting Ones Have It!

A well-designed personality is not only key in getting users to accept a digital assistant, it also has fundamental implications for our increasingly digital lives. We build relationships with other humans through emotional connection rather than just mere information exchange. Research proves that we act and remain attached, not because of reason, but because of […]
3330  | 
Maricel Cabahug

5 Ways Warm-Ups Align Mindsets to Innovate

Warm-ups and ice breakers are the perfect tools to access creativity and unlock innovation. After observing the impact they have on groups at design thinking workshops, the AppHaus decided to host a meetup to introduce others to the value behind fun, yet strategic, pre-workshop activities.
15178  | 
Madelyn Andree

Inside a Fridge or Out on a Tennis Court: How the Environment Affects User Experience

In today’s world, familiar gadgets allow us to explore more terrains than ever before. We can now see in complete darkness, record a video underwater, or capture a bird’s-eye view of our neighborhood with the help of a mobile device. However, increased access does not necessarily equate to better user experience. On the contrary, exposing […]
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Starting March 15 – Software Design for Non-Designers!

The free online course, Software Design for Non-Designers is returning to openSAP from March 15. The course aims to teach developers to embrace design as part of their everyday work, even if they haven’t spent years studying design. In just six weeks, you can improve your design skills when developing software. Learn from Scott Klemmer, Professor […]
2221  | 
Claire Donelon

Engaging Employees with a Tangible Storytelling Tool

Testing new methods is the best way to succeed Hélice Experience is a Brazilian design start-up based in Porto Alegre which was founded by Fernando C. Guimarães, Rafael Barcellos and Alexandre Press in 2014. They offer strategy execution and engagement services. A lot of companies facing or experiencing a change turn to Hélice Experience to […]
4996  | 
Gloria Costa

What does it take to Innovate?

We like to think of innovation as being at the confluence of technical feasibility, business viability and human values. However, while most organizations possess the business knowledge and technical skills to execute and produce incremental innovations, we’ve learned through our work that many still lack the human component. That is the value of design: it […]
3373  | 
Janaki Kumar

Don’t Wait, Innovate!

Introducing SAP's initiative to foster a #design-led #innovation #culture. This is first in a series of blogs on with frameworks, assessment tools and strategies to be the change agent in your organization.
2668  | 
Janaki Kumar

How Design Will Impact Enterprise in 2017

The intersection of business, technology, and design is a busy place these days. Here are nine trends you can expect to really take off in 2017, from experts at SAP’s Design Services.
3648  | 
Tyler Nickerson

Sign up by January 25th to Learn the Basics of Design Research for Free!

Design is becoming increasingly important in the development process for products and services across all industries, not just in IT. To meet end-user expectations and deliver the ideal user experience, design research is a critical pre-project task. If you’re interested in learning more, why not sign up to the next run of Basics of Design Research on openSAP.
2900  | 
Claire Donelon

Design at Business: A Cross-Company Network for Change

Large enterprises are facing a faster changing business environment: innovation cycles are getting shorter, markets are being disrupted through digitization, new business models evolve, the “new generation” wants to be led differently, and working models are being revolutionized. A people-centric approach is a key differentiator for companies that want to be and stay relevant in […]
4622  | 
Ann-Sofie Ruf

Techné – Design Guidelines for YaaS (SAP Hybris as a Service)

Techné is the name of the UI design guidelines for YaaS. And it defines the principles and components for mobile-first, user-centered UX design on YaaS. Techné design patterns focus on delivering an experience that reflects what we call “the consumerization of business user tooling.” It’s an ethos that says an experience designed for those working […]
3073  | 
Holger Maassen

“Wow” Is the Benchmark

Boris Verkhovsky spoke at SAP about the Cirque du Soleil design process and why, without intense collaboration, there would be no show.
2885  | 
Esther Blankenship

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Object Page – Part 1: Its History

Representing business objects in a consumable yet sufficiently powerful way is a challenge on its own. Since joining SAP in 2006, I have witnessed a number of different approaches on how to provide a floorplan that can provide an easy overview of the most important aspects of the business object at the same time show […]
8906  | 
Kai Richter

Strengthening Democracy Through Design

Through a partnership with TurboVote, SAP is using research and design to help address low turnout rates among America's young, first-time voters. With over 500,000 new TurboVote subscribers in 2016 alone, the work is having real impact.
5744  | 
Tyler Nickerson

SAP Fiori 2.0 – The Design Guidelines (Version 1.40)

With this new version, the design language has been extended to encompass the most important aspects of SAP Fiori 2.0 as well as numerous improvements to existing controls and patterns.
14046  | 
Andrea Waisgluss

Top 10 Tips to Set Up a UX Center of Excellence

In my experience, about 50% of the screens our customers use are not developed by SAP but instead are adapted or developed by partners or the customer’s internal IT organization. I also learned in more than 300 customer projects, that many IT organizations typically do not engage directly with their end users when they develop […]
3989  | 
Andreas Hauser

The Dollars and Sense of UX

I visited with a customer recently who told me about a training program his company holds every 18 months for new contractors. The company needs to refresh its group of 3,000 contractors every year and a half. Each time new contractors are onboarded, they require two days of training, in which they learn what is […]
4342  | 
Andreas Hauser

SAP Design Wins Big in 2016

This year, SAP has received 18 design award recognitions from some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. That's a big deal - and not only for SAP.
5497  | 
Tyler Nickerson

How to Convince IT and Business to Value Design

One of the biggest outcomes of the technology consumerization trend is how it has driven the importance of design. There’s no “waiting out” this trend – an unstoppable wave of interest in design centricity is hitting the business world, shifting the focus in product and service development from features to experience. But why? What is […]
3711  | 
Andreas Hauser

Meet our UX experts at SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2016

SAP UX and Design goes SAP TechEd Las Vegas - Are you already curious to meet SAP's UX design experts in the flesh? We'll introduce you to our hottest topics and give you background information you definitely shouldn't miss out on.
4557  | 
Jacqueline Dittkowski

#designmistakes – Making Users Learn the UI

As designers, our common goal is to create products that make work easier. After all, one of the most important features of good design is ease-of-use and understanding. We have to build tools that are easy to use from the start.
2972  | 
Dragomir Ralchev

Create Your Company’s UX Strategy

By now, most IT leaders have become convinced of the need to move their organizations away from a mindset of delivering functions and features, and move toward a focus that puts the user’s true needs at the center, employing design thinking principles. Discover and Plan – Where to start?Why should you create your own UX strategy? Where do you start, […]
4772  | 
Andreas Hauser

Does All Design Need to be Intuitive?

“We need to change our platform. If I can’t figure it out, then nobody can. It’s not intuitive!” In my previous job, I attended a meeting with the Head of Product and the design team. He had just tried a new product for the first time and, to put it lightly, was unhappy. To him, […]
3121  | 
Esther Wolff

Meet Sam, Chief Design Officer at SAP

As Chief Design Officer, Sam Yen represents design and user experience at SAP. Find out what Sam enjoys about his job as well as some of the challenges he faces.
9025  | 
Esther Blankenship

A Passion for Detail

Karim Habib is head of design at BMW. He spoke recently at SAP about his life’s calling
2952  | 
Esther Blankenship

The Key to Good Design – an Interview with BMW’s Karim Habib

Karim Habib leads the design team of one of the most successful brands in the automotive industry, BMW. We invited him to SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany to give an SAP Design Talk. Habib was kind enough to give us some insight into the car design process as well as into how designers and engineers […]
3428  | 
Esther Blankenship

New Course Starting June 1st – Software Design for Non-Designers

Did you know that design can improve the adoption of your software application? By applying a few tangible techniques, you can create a delightful experience for your users and incorporate good design into your software – we call it design-led development.
2898  | 
Claire Donelon

SAP and Apple Take the Work Experience to the Next Level

You have heard me speak about the need to bring design into the business world for quite a while now. I’ve focused on this issue because the consumerization of IT continues as the line between people’s work lives and personal lives blurs every day. Consumers now expect to move smoothly on their devices from work […]
3120  | 

Designing from the Heart of Berlin

A new SAP Labs Berlin office location was opened at Münzstraße in the heart of Berlin earlier this week. With the opening of the new location, Berlin is now part of the worldwide SAP Labs network with 16 offices in 13 countries. The new office is a space dedicated to design work, co-innovation, and collaboration, […]
4413  | 
Marion Froehlich

Superpowers for the Industrial Worker

Greg Petroff, Chief Experience Officer at GE, spoke at SAP about designing for the harsh conditions of industrial use cases.
3542  | 
Esther Blankenship

Meet Martin, Chief Designer at SAP

This is the eleventh in a series of interviews with SAP employees in a variety of roles in the area of user experience and design.
10354  | 
Esther Blankenship

Designing the New Digital Society

Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost on Design, SAP, IoT, and why Germany is lagging behind its EU neighbors in the digital transformation.
3798  | 
Esther Blankenship

Prototyping a Better Future

At the 4th SAP Design Talk, Professor Dr. Gesche Joost talked to over 1000 SAP employees about the Internet of Things and the democratization of tools.
3477  | 
Esther Blankenship

Design-Led Development – Behind the Scenes at SAP

  Can you imagine… … coding an application without a specified user interface design? … designing a screen without talking to an end user? … developing a product without knowing the customer? Clearly this would be a very bad way to develop software! This is why we in the Global Design team at SAP foster […]
8838  | 
Gudrun Krebs

How 10 Customers Create Value with Design

The design of a service or product decides about its success or failure, this is what really makes the difference for successful enterprises. The goal is to deliver business value with design. Check out 10 customer stories from AMG, China Grand Auto, Coca Cola Hellenic, eBay, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Heidelberg University Hospital, National Center of Tumor Diseases (NCT), National Hockey League (NHL), Siemens, and State of Indiana.
3970  | 
Andreas Hauser

EBS Alumni Explore UX and Design at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg

The EBS Alumni Network is the alumni organization of the private EBS University (Wiesbaden/Oestrich-Winkel) with over 3,400 members in more than 30 countries. Since its inception in 1971, the EBS Alumni Community has evolved to one of the biggest promoters of the EBS with a cumulative financing volume of several million euros. With the EBS […]
2699  | 
Ann-Sofie Ruf

Paul Gardien of Philips Design Speaks at 2nd SAP Design Talk

Here’s a riddle for you. What do the cassette tape, electric shavers, neonatal intensive care units, 500 SAP employees, the Walldorf fire department and high-end Dutch furniture design have in common? The answer is that they all came together on stage at the second SAP Design Talk on November 12th.  Maybe that wasn’t much of […]
3308  | 
Esther Blankenship

P&I Early Talents Design their Future at SAP

In late November, about 140 early talents from all over Germany gathered at the Rhein-Neckar Arena in Sinsheim, close to SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf, to experience SAP – the company they have joined during the last two years – as part of the P&I Early Talents develop&&impact Program. On day one, Sibylle Barz (P&I ET […]
3953  | 
Ann-Sofie Ruf

SAP Wins Another Red Dot Award!

After winning the Red Dot Award “Design Concept 2015″ for Fiori 2.0, SAP Medical Research Insights now received the prestigious award “Communication Design 2015” in the category Interface Design.
3419  | 
Gloria Costa