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SAP CoPilot at ASUG – See You There

Digital assistants, intelligent enterprise and machine learning – dive deep into some of the most important technology tends at ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando on Monday, June 4, 2018. Reserve your seat soon.
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Sarah-Vanessa Mueller

Ten Tips to Design Better Bots for Business

On Nov 30th, I was invited to CXxAI — an interactive roundtable for Customer Experience leaders in enterprise organizations. During the panel, we focused on the most widely used form of artificial intelligence in customer experience — chatbots and virtual assistants, enhanced with natural language processing capabilities. We discussed how leading organizations are using this technology. What are the challenges […]
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Janaki Kumar

The Role of Design in Innovating with SAP Leonardo

It is impossible to ignore how technology is changing how we live. In our homes with intelligent appliances and digital assistants; during our commutes with on-demand transportation and ride-sharing; and on the go with mobile and cloud services. But what will the confluence of machine intelligence, enterprise mobility, and cloud-based services mean for the enterprise? […]
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Digital Transformations: Going Beyond the Technology

When I mention that SAP has been engaged in design thinking for a decade, people are often surprised. And it often takes a 15-20 minute conversation for them to see the depth of our work in the space. Not to mention when they hear about our human-centered approach as well as our dedication to creating […]
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Digital Transformation Is All about Disruption

Digital transformation is all about disruption There are already tons of articles out there about the buzzword digital transformation and everyone has different thoughts and opinions on this hyped topic. But I believe it is just a means to generate new business models, which are sometimes disruptive for them. And we can only benefit from […]
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Matthias Harbusch

Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology – Part 2

In my last blog I have explained why design, design thinking and experience matter in the digital transformation, which goes beyond pure technology and business skills. The credo is to engage with your customers and, most importantly, with the users right from the beginning, in an iterative, user-centric design process. Digital Transformation is a journey and more […]
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Andreas Hauser

Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology

Digital transformation is a hyped topic currently. But actually it is far more than a buzzword. Technology trends like hyper-connectivity, big data, cloud, Internet of Things and security provide new opportunities for companies to reimagine their business and how they engage with their customers and users. But what happens if you develop an amazing technical solution that […]
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Andreas Hauser

Designing the New Digital Society

Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost on Design, SAP, IoT, and why Germany is lagging behind its EU neighbors in the digital transformation.
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Esther Blankenship

How 10 Customers Create Value with Design

The design of a service or product decides about its success or failure, this is what really makes the difference for successful enterprises. The goal is to deliver business value with design. Check out 10 customer stories from AMG, China Grand Auto, Coca Cola Hellenic, eBay, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Heidelberg University Hospital, National Center of Tumor Diseases (NCT), National Hockey League (NHL), Siemens, and State of Indiana.
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Andreas Hauser