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Keen About Keys? Keyboard Interaction in SAP Fiori

Good keyboard interaction design is essential to all software products. It helps you to get around the screen and reach UI elements with interaction devices other than a mouse or touch screen, such as … a keyboard. Joking apart, all functions of the screen need to be operable by one input channel only. SAP Fiori’s SAPUI5 framework […]
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Nicole Windmann

Listen to Jim – Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget 6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori. Color contrast looks good, works well Contrast as one of the key principles in design improves usability for everybody. Good and meaningful color contrast fulfills several needs: supporting readibility, giving feedback in response to user actions, and satisfying aesthetic needs. […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

Contrast is one of the most important principles in design. There are different kinds of contrasts: contrast between shapes, sizes, positions, and colors. Good and meaningful color contrast, the relationship of foreground and background color, improves usability for everybody. Find out below how color contrast in SAP Fiori supports users to perform their tasks easily. But first, […]
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Olga Korotkaia

SAP Fiori and Accessibility: Our Top 7

There’s a thin line between accessibility and usability: Accessibility means usability for any user, anywhere and anytime. True accessibility is about the technology as well as about the design, without loss of content, functionality and efficiency. We’ve counted down the top seven ways how SAP Fiori’s approach to simplicity achieves a beautifully accessible design. But before, quickly […]
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Nicole Windmann