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Deploy and Enjoy – Phase 3 of the DLD Process

During the second phase, Design, you came up with your prototype, and incorporated feedback. Now, it’s time to start the actual front-end to back-end development. Bring your software to life by following the three steps implement, test and deploy. Prepare for implementation of your design A prioritized user story map can be a good basis […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Design to Delight – Phase 2 of the DLD Process

In the previous blog Discover the Unknown of the design-led development series, you got to understand the problem that your user is facing. Now, it is time to start creating your SAP Fiori app. The design phase continues true to the motto “all good things come in threes” with three steps: The product vision is refined […]
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Annette Stotz

Discover the Unknown – Phase 1 of the DLD Process

The first phase of the three design-led development (DLD) phases is called discover. If you are curious about the whole DLD process, check out the introduction. In discover, you gain a holistic overview of your project and bring everybody to the same level of knowledge. Ideally, the team includes the product owner, user researcher, design […]
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Carolin Flesch

Good Things Come in 3s – Intro to the DLD Process

When you think of software development, you probably first think of programming. Actually, behind the scenes, many more people than software developers are involved. One of the core principles of design thinking is multidisciplinary teams, that is, team members from diverse professional backgrounds. The graphic below shows the main process roles for the design-led development […]
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Carolin Flesch