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Design Beautiful Mobile Apps with SAP Fiori for Android

SAP Fiori design language gives users a consistent and complete user experience in all SAP software across web and mobile platforms. SAP Fiori for Android connects the strengths of the Fiori user interface and Google's Material Design concepts to deliver the most intuitive and delightful enterprise applications.
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Santosh Kikkeri

Process Your Tasks with the SAP Fiori Element Worklist

With the SAP Fiori element worklist, you can get a list of items that need processing. After reviewing the details of an item you can either complete the work item yourself or delegate it to someone else.
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Suraj Sudhi

Learning Floorplans – and Layouts, Too

When we think of floorplans in an everyday context, we might imagine an architectural drawing that shows the shape, size, and arrangement of rooms in a building viewed from above. This comes already close to the definition of floorplans in SAP Fiori. In SAP Fiori, the term ‘floorplan’ describes a specific combination of layout and […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Staying Smart with SAP Fiori Overview Pages

With the overview page, users can perform their daily tasks quickly and effectively by having all the information they need on a single page. One of five SAP Fiori elements, the overview page gives the user a role-based view, consolidating data from various sources where information is visualized on cards for multiple content types.
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Jan Ruessel

Keen About Keys? Keyboard Interaction in SAP Fiori

Good keyboard interaction design is essential to all software products. It helps you to get around the screen and reach UI elements with interaction devices other than a mouse or touch screen, such as … a keyboard. Joking apart, all functions of the screen need to be operable by one input channel only. SAP Fiori’s SAPUI5 framework […]
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Nicole Windmann

SAP Fiori’s Rich Text Editor – What You See Is What You Get

Beacon is a series of content to help you discover and learn about SAP Fiori. This nugget shines a light on SAP Fiori’s rich text editor (RTE) built with SAPUI5 controls. As you might already know, the RTE is a control for data input and editing. ‘Rich’ comes from the complex formatting possibilities. As a ‘What You See […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Drago and Sebastian – Concepts for Motion Design

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, Meaningful Motion in UI. In the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, the section about motion design has been updated with new content. Drago and Sebastian, SAP UX designers for motion design, discuss the concepts that have been newly introduced: duration, easings, and direction. Listen to the podcast below to […]
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Sebastian Moreno

Listen to Jim – SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario: Central Hub Deployment

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, A Look at Central Hub Deployment – an SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario. A general recommendation The Central Hub Deployment scenario is one of general recommendations for the deployment of the SAP Fiori. Listen to Jim to find out about the general building blocks of the deployment scenario.
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Marcus Holger Erb

Microcopy in SAP Fiori: Every Word Counts

Microcopy are the snippets of text that guide you through a user interface. Great microcopy pays off in a big way by delighting users, saving time, and improving the rate of task completion. Profit from our experiences and find out what to consider when writing microcopy for your own SAP Fiori app. 1) Buttons… and […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Jim – Make the Most of the Guidelines

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, Structured How You Work: SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. Thoughtful guidance The SAP Fiori Design Guidelines provide you with a lot of design information straight out of the box. With so many insightful articles, you may not necessarily know where to start. Listen to Jim to find out how to use the structure […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Jim – Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget 6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori. Color contrast looks good, works well Contrast as one of the key principles in design improves usability for everybody. Good and meaningful color contrast fulfills several needs: supporting readibility, giving feedback in response to user actions, and satisfying aesthetic needs. […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

Contrast is one of the most important principles in design. There are different kinds of contrasts: contrast between shapes, sizes, positions, and colors. Good and meaningful color contrast, the relationship of foreground and background color, improves usability for everybody. Find out below how color contrast in SAP Fiori supports users to perform their tasks easily. But first, […]
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Olga Korotkaia

The System Behind SAP Fiori Visual Design

Visual design is a lot more than colors or icons. It’s about a system of colors, typography, layouts, icons, charts, and motions that requires a profound expertise in communication design. A thoughtful visual design system enhances the user experience and makes the brand recognizable. It brings the data forward and makes the content more consumable. […]
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Jeong-Sook Lee

Completing the SAP Fiori User Experience with SAP Screen Personas

Organizations interested in a user experience improvement project often ask whether to use SAP Screen Personas or SAP Fiori. While project requirements and resources differ, achieving a consistent SAP Fiori user experience (UX) is a question of “and”, not “or”.
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Conrad Bernal

Deploy and Enjoy – Phase 3 of the DLD Process

During the second phase, Design, you came up with your prototype, and incorporated feedback. Now, it’s time to start the actual front-end to back-end development. Bring your software to life by following the three steps implement, test and deploy. Prepare for implementation of your design A prioritized user story map can be a good basis […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Meaningful Motion in UI

When motion fills the gap between frames, the story comes to life and becomes more understandable. A great story has a beginning, middle, and an end. As such, motion facilitates comprehension by creating the full picture for us, while holding our attention.
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Dragomir Ralchev

Welcome to Beacon

Beacon is a new series of content to discover and learn about SAP Fiori. Comprised of bite-sized, easy-to-digest content in various formats, Beacon broadens awareness about and increases the understanding of SAP Fiori.
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Sarah-Vanessa Mueller

A Single SAP S/4HANA Deployment Scenario for SAP Fiori?

From a system landscape architecture perspective, there are different ways to make SAP Fiori available to users. The SAP Fiori front-end server is the component to deploy SAP Fiori to users. From an architecture perspective, let’s see how Fiori is used within an SAP S/4HANA on-premise single system environment. This scenario represents a typical starting […]
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Marcus Holger Erb

SAP Fiori and Accessibility: Our Top 7

There’s a thin line between accessibility and usability: Accessibility means usability for any user, anywhere and anytime. True accessibility is about the technology as well as about the design, without loss of content, functionality and efficiency. We’ve counted down the top seven ways how SAP Fiori’s approach to simplicity achieves a beautifully accessible design. But before, quickly […]
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Nicole Windmann

Design to Delight – Phase 2 of the DLD Process

In the previous blog Discover the Unknown of the design-led development series, you got to understand the problem that your user is facing. Now, it is time to start creating your SAP Fiori app. The design phase continues true to the motto “all good things come in threes” with three steps: The product vision is refined […]
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Annette Stotz

Discover the Unknown – Phase 1 of the DLD Process

The first phase of the three design-led development (DLD) phases is called discover. If you are curious about the whole DLD process, check out the introduction. In discover, you gain a holistic overview of your project and bring everybody to the same level of knowledge. Ideally, the team includes the product owner, user researcher, design […]
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Carolin Flesch

Structured How You Work: SAP Fiori Design Guidelines

So, you’ve come across the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by so many detailed articles? Wondering how to find the information you need?
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James Vernon Edenstrom

Good Things Come in 3s – Intro to the DLD Process

When you think of software development, you probably first think of programming. Actually, behind the scenes, many more people than software developers are involved. One of the core principles of design thinking is multidisciplinary teams, that is, team members from diverse professional backgrounds. The graphic below shows the main process roles for the design-led development […]
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Carolin Flesch

Stay Smart with SAP Fiori Elements

Creating SAP Fiori apps has never been easier thanks to SAP Fiori elements. Delivered with UI designs and templates of the most commonly used application patterns, SAP Fiori elements can help you save time and cost during development.
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Jan Ruessel