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Testing the Design of the German Corona-Warn-App: Online Studies 

Many national governments opted for launching nation-wide corona warning apps. Germany’s Corona-Warn-App now counts over 24 million downloads: The higher the adoption rate of the app, the more it can contribute to contain the COVID-19 pandemic by breaking infection chains. User experience is crucial for the adoption rate of any app, no matter if it is a business or consumer grade app. Thus, there […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

“I Love the Surprise Factor”: Lilia about being a User Research Trainer

Lilia Ungefug is a user experience researcher at SAP. Within her first year as a trainer for user research, she has been internally awarded for her engagement and high motivation. In an interview, Lilia shared some exciting moments and insights about her passion as a trainer.   Lilia, what do you enjoy the most as […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

End-Users’ Experiences With Redesigned Coca-Cola Hellenic Web Shop

In 2013, Coca-Cola HBC turned to the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) to open a web channel. After the implementation, Coca-Cola Hellenic asked their end-users about their experience with the new web channel design and made a video capturing it. Coca-Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers of the brands of the Coca-Cola […]
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Thomas Biedermann

8 things to keep in mind when setting up a field research project

Here are a number of important considerations that I have learned to take care of when setting up and running a field research project. Involve as many disciplines as possible The more people that participate in the research one way or another, the higher the acceptance of the research results. For example, a solution manager, […]
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Clarissa Goetz