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Learning Floorplans – and Layouts, Too

When we think of floorplans in an everyday context, we might imagine an architectural drawing that shows the shape, size, and arrangement of rooms in a building viewed from above. This comes already close to the definition of floorplans in SAP Fiori. In SAP Fiori, the term ‘floorplan’ describes a specific combination of layout and […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

A Quick Intro to SAP Fiori Floorplans

If you are just getting started designing SAP Fiori apps, you might be asking yourself what a floorplan is. The term floorplan is used differently in different design contexts. In relation to SAP Fiori, when we talk about floorplans we are referring to predefined layouts for common use cases. These layouts can be used to compose a simple and […]
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Carolin Seel