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Democratizing SAP Fiori with Fundamentals

SAP Fiori fundamentals is a light-weight library of stylesheets and HTML tags that allows developers to build SAP Fiori apps in any UI framework (e.g. Angular, React, Vue, etc.).
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Maricel Cabahug

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Object Page – Part 1: Its History

Representing business objects in a consumable yet sufficiently powerful way is a challenge on its own. Since joining SAP in 2006, I have witnessed a number of different approaches on how to provide a floorplan that can provide an easy overview of the most important aspects of the business object at the same time show […]
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Kai Richter

New SAP Fiori Design Guidelines Launched

Enhanced content, a fresh visual design and new features! The SAP Fiori Design Guidelines have received a face-lift and now offer more content than ever before.
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Sabina Hitzler

Guidelines for SAP Web IDE Contributors launched

The guidelines for SAP Web IDE contributors are now available! These guidelines are aligned with the SAP Fiori UX visual language and design principles, and give an overview of all patterns and controls used in the SAP Web IDE. They are aimed at both designers and developers and provide valuable information for contributors who wish […]
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Irene Schick

Looking for Design Guidelines from SAP?

Whether you are looking for SAP’s latest design guidelines or something a little bit older, we’ve collected all the links for you in this one handy spot: The SAP Design Guidelines and Resources page right here on the SAP User Experience Community. Included are links to the SAP Fiori design principles as well as the brand-new Web IDE […]
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SAP Fiori Design Guidelines launched

The SAP Fiori Design Guidelines are now available! This design guide reveals the design philosophy of SAP Fiori and provides an overview of all relevant templates, patterns and controls. Additionally, it introduces commonly used application types such as approval apps and includes a UI prototyping kit in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint file. Customers and SAP […]
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Sabina Hitzler