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How Roche Uses Scenes to Design Better Experiences for People with Diabetes

At Roche Diabetes Care we've created a diabetes add-on for the storytelling tool and method Scenes. We now make it available for everyone to empower people with diabetes, doctors and family members to innovate and create their own stories for our open digital ecosystem.
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Tobias Loerracher

Design + SAP HANA = Innovation

When most people think of SAP HANA, they think “extreme speed”. And they should, given that the in-memory capabilities of HANA enable it to process and analyze large volumes of data in real-time. But when combined with design thinking, SAP HANA delivers much more than speed – it delivers innovation. Nowhere is this more true – and more […]
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Andreas Hauser

Saving Lives with Design

A phenomenal number of people in the world are affected by cancer, whether individuals battling the disease, their family and friends, or the medical specialists researching cures and treating patients.  That’s why I’m humbled and grateful to be associated with the SAP Medical Research Insights solution, powered by SAP HANA, which recently won the highly regarded Red Dot Award for […]
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Andreas Hauser

Medical Research Insights Solution has won the German Design Award

The Medical Research Insights project has won the German Design Award in the category Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience .  „The Medical Research Insights permits safe, direct access to various clinical data systems. Thanks to the intuitive UI system and clear, graphic presentation, complex medical information can be assessed simply and in real time and sound decisions made. The system […]
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Ann-Sofie Ruf

Get Well Soon with Google Glass

Let’s re-invent doctor-patient interactions and transform the future of healthcare, by bringing together Google Glass and SAP’s HANA technology.
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