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AI/ML enhanced software

The Impact of AI Enhanced Software on UX User Profiles

What impact does AI/ML enhancement have on people using software? Can UX Engineering really go on and still use the old-style user profiles to plan and manufacture the software of the future? Read this blog and see which effect the upcoming software change has.
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Joachim Sander

Techné – Design Guidelines for YaaS (SAP Hybris as a Service)

Techné is the name of the UI design guidelines for YaaS. And it defines the principles and components for mobile-first, user-centered UX design on YaaS. Techné design patterns focus on delivering an experience that reflects what we call “the consumerization of business user tooling.” It’s an ethos that says an experience designed for those working […]
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Holger Maassen

How SAP Screen Personas Fits the 2015 SAP UX Strategy

SAP Screen Personas has evolved from a standalone browser-based application to become a comprehensive personalization framework integrated into the SAP GUI family. Customers can use SAP Screen Personas to modernize SAP GUI screens to look like Fiori or match their corporate design guidelines.
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Peter Spielvogel

Monthly user group: SAP Screen Personas practitioner forum

If you have downloaded SAP Screen Personas and want to learn how to achieve the fastest time to value, I would like to invite you to a free SAP Screen Personas practitioner forum. For the past year, a core group of SAP Screen Personas customers have been sharing their ideas, providing advice, and helping each other with their SAP Screen Personas deployments.
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Peter Spielvogel

Why Becoming Simple Takes Focus

Now Fiori and Personas are free, the priority for SAP customers is how to target your UX efforts into an effective UX roadmap. Anyone can do a Proof of Concept, but there's no guarantee that a PoC will build engagement with the business or motivation to implement... and this is where SAP's UX advisory services help you turn UX improvement desires into real UX improvement strategy, and build business will to sponsor UX projects.
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Jocelyn Dart