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Quality time at work – the product experience

To design something, means to find and manifest a clear reason why it should exist and how it should work. And everyone who contributes to making that “thing” also contributes to manifesting its purpose. The process of designing requires thorough planning, including answers to the most basic questions about the thing’s purpose. This is a central point in any product development.
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Martin Wezowski

What is Interaction Design?

Consider this: a product is not complete until a person uses it. A chair is not complete until someone sits down; a shopping website, not until someone orders something. My first design teacher chose this idea to make a point: the product is there to be used by a person. What does he want to […]
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Clare Johnson

Progressive disclosure

Progressive disclosure is a method of balancing two contradicting requirements, simplicity and completeness, via a simple, yet powerful idea: (1) initially, show users only a few of the most important options and (2) offer them a larger set of specialized options upon request by disclosing additional features only if a user asks for them or […]
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