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#designmistakes – Overcomplicating Things

Ever heard of the KISS method? When we don’t keep it simple, straightforward tasks often become more complex and complicated than they need to be.
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Marcus Holger Erb

Food for Prototyping

On April 15th the European Design at Business Community met the first time in 2016. Hosted by Philips in Eindhoven the Design Thinking experts took the chance of an exchange at eye level on “Prototyping new Realities”.
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BUILD Beta 5 is coming!

Try it here on April 28th! Starting with a new visual design, easier low fidelity prototype creation, we put in this release features that our users asked for: form factor and browser (Firefox, IE11) support for User Studies, a new discussion thread when prototyping, an icon picker, Fiori Smart Templates…   What’s new and exciting […]
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Designing the New Digital Society

Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost on Design, SAP, IoT, and why Germany is lagging behind its EU neighbors in the digital transformation.
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Esther Blankenship

Web Components, Project Instances and Console Logs: A Triptych of Contemporary UX Prototyping

Creating new UI elements and floorplans is a challenging task and creative in so many ways, one of which is being flexible while prototyping for software. Prototyping There is a quite large literature supporting the use of prototypes within the design process, but in this article, we would consider the need for a prototype as […]
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Konstantinos Drachtidis

Software Design for Non-Designers

By now you know that design can improve the adoption of your software application. Even without a trained Designer at hand, there are things you can do to create a delightful experience for your users and incorporate good design into your software.
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Andrea Anderson

Empowering Teams – The Value Of Prototyping

Designers are familiar with different types of prototyping across user experience and product design. Prototyping is a key element of the Design Thinking process, and also of great value for communication, as IDEO founder and Stanford d.school professor David Kelley explains: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a million […]
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Tay Kim

Want to “BUILD” a Better User Experience?

Ever wonder why most of the business applications fail to meet user requirements? Peered into the future to see if it will ever be possible to have non-developers and a non-designers create awesome Fiori experience? Struggling to scale design in your organization? If any of this sounds familiar, let's talk about "BUILD", a new way to "BUILD the right stuff", "BUILD it fast yourself", and "Scale Exponentially"...
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Prototyping SAP Fiori Applications

Recently, we released our new SAP Fiori Design Guidelines to our customers and partners. The feedback so far has been great, and we are glad to regularly share the updates of what we learn on our SAP Fiori journey. As part of this update, we have also introduced our new design stencils that allow designers […]
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Carolin Seel

Prototype 4 Empathy

Prototyping for empathy is a method that is used by the d.School in order to immerse one you in the situation of your client, user, etc.
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Business Origami

Business Origami is a method that has been invented by the Hitachi Design Center. It uses paper cut-outs as symbolic representations of people, groups, channels and environments, to create a miniature model of a system.
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What is a Mock-Up?

If you look up “mock-up” in a dictionary you will find several explanations. The one that fits best to a mock-up in the context of UI design is “It is a life-size model”. You could also say that a mock-up is an imitation, but one that comes before that actual product, not after. While looking […]
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Hanna Kieser

Infographic – How to Design Products That Delight End Users

The following infographic is a fun take on a serious topic – integrating users into the design process. The graphic takes the reader on a journey which starts with a multidisciplinary team and then moves swiftly on to scoping the design project appropriately. The “real” work then starts with 360 degree research, after which, everything […]
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Esther Blankenship

Prototypes as a means for communication

This article is about an aspect of prototypes which at the same time is the most important one – communication. In its most basic definition communication is the transfer of information between a sender and a receiver. Prototypes are premature representations of final products helping to evaluate ideas and concepts with others. With regard to […]
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What is a Wireframe?

To explain what a wireframe is, you do not need 500 words. If you limit the definition to the basics, 10 words are enough. This is the definition of wireframe: “A wireframe is a simple sketch of a user interface.” Since I have about 460 words left, let´s take a closer look at the words […]
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Hanna Kieser

Design Thinking at SAP

The introduction of Design Thinking at SAP as a product definition methodology requires every employee involved in the development of the product to take responsibility for the usability and end-to-end product experience. Customer involvement has become a cornerstone of both the requirements gathering process and the usability testing of our software. An essential part of the […]
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