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Shaping BASF’s Digital Future with SAP Fiori and SAP HANA

In a cross-functional project team, business and IT designed a cockpit that turned into a pioneering example for building BASF’s digital future. Using an SAP HANA sidecar approach, SAP helped to bring real-time exception-based process optimization to BASF’s customer service leveraging the benefits of an Intelligent Enterprise even before the migration to SAP S/4 HANA.
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Julia Deutsch

SAP AppHaus Heidelberg Open House Day 2018

On June 8, the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg hosted its fifth annual Open House Day. For the first time, the AppHaus joined the Uncover DesignFest, offering an inside view of a unique space where design meets business. Located in Heidelberg’s historic Landfried tobacco factory, the SAP AppHaus captured a diverse group of visitors with its compelling atmosphere and distinctive, […]
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Regine Schimmer

IT Meets DT – New Forces at Work in SAP’s Core Platform

The importance of empathy – in recent years, a strong shift towards customer-centricity has occurred in all areas of business. This development has also affected IT: Today, programming lives from the ability to not only write good code but to understand customers and develop solutions that satisfy their needs and expectations. Putting the end-user in […]
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Katharina Meerpohl