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SAP Fiori 3: Multi-page spaces now available, and much moreā€¦

With these next steps on our SAP Fiori 3 journey now available, you can leverage multi-page spaces to give your users stable, well-structured and personalizable access to their important apps, as well as benefitting from our continuous improvements in SAP Fiori 3 situation handling. Developers also benefit from the new SAP Fiori controls for SAP Fiori native apps for iOS and Android, as well as from our next generation IDE in the cloud, SAP Business Application Studio, and SAP Fiori tools.
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Thomas Reiss

Meet the new SAP Business Application Studio in today’s SAP Fiori-side Chat session

Episode 15 of our weekly SAP Fiori-side Chat live session will take place today. The team behind the SAP Business Application Studio will show you the latest innovations and answer your questions. You can join us live on Zoom. The SAP Business Application Studio technology has recently been released to customers on Azure, AWS, and […]
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Tobias Essig