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Behind UX and SAP Design: Dublin

SAP is a global company and the scope of our UX teams reaches far and wide. In the Behind UX and SAP Design series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today we’re starting with Dublin!
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Victoria Thomas

The Truth about Interning at SAP. So Far Yet so Connected.

Returning to school on the East Coast has been an interesting transition but the experience has provided some great insights into balancing school and work and the benefits of working remotely. Working from the North American HQ in Newtown Sq, PA. has been a great opportunity to meet new people and take a look at what I have learned about SAP Design.
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Elizabeth Hoo

Behind UX and SAP Design: Bangalore

SAP is a global company and the scope of our design teams reaches far and wide. In the SAP Design Live & Work series, we home in on some of our locations and give a glimpse into the working and cultural life there. Today, it’s about Bangalore / India.
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Elizabeth Hoo

Behind the Scenes of SAP Design

At SAP Design, we want to improve people’s lives by creating elegant experiences, scaling design to amplify its impact, and shaping the next generation of enterprise leaders. But how do we achieve that? The Creative Lab team sought to create this video series to share the motivations and passions of our colleagues. We have asked […]
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Diana Klukas

Hexagon UX Event- Meetup@ SAP Design

On September 17, 2018, the UX Enablement group (a team of user researchers, designers, and design educators) at SAP Design in Palo Alto, United States, hosted a Bay area meet-up event in partnership with Hexagon UX.
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Archana Vaidyanathan

Socializing with SAP Screen Personas at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

On the Wednesday of TechEd Las Vegas, 77 SAP Screen Personas fans met for an evening of dinner, drinks, and user experience transformation. The event brought together a variety of customers, employees, and partners representing 16 of the industries served by SAP.
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Conrad Bernal

Impact Week honored as “Excellent Place“ in 2018

Impact Week, a non-profit intercultural Design Thinking program, was recognized as one of 100 “Excellent Places in the Land of Ideas”. Sponsored by the German initiative “Germany — Land of Ideas”, the prestigious award goes to projects that connect worlds and strengthen solidarity. SAP Design experts volunteered as Design Thinking coaches, contributing their expertise in Kigali, Rwanda and Bogota, Colombia.
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Regine Schimmer

Impact Weeks 2017 – a cross-company learning experience

Design Thinking has become a widely used approach to foster innovation and creativity, often acting as catalyst for change and growth both on an organizational and personal level. Good reasons for SAP Design to support the Impact Weeks in Rwanda and Colombia, a two-week Design Thinking program.
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Jochen Guertler

Data Flow Cards – New Tool Tells a Story with Your Business Data

Do you organize Design Thinking or UX workshops? If so, how do you engage with participants? In general, several tools and templates are used in Design Thinking workshops or UX projects. Facilitators choose certain tools prior to workshops. Each tool plays different roles throughout the workshop. In SAP Leonardo, it starts with the Explore workshop […]
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Tay Kim

Ten Tips to Design Better Bots for Business

On Nov 30th, I was invited to CXxAI — an interactive roundtable for Customer Experience leaders in enterprise organizations. During the panel, we focused on the most widely used form of artificial intelligence in customer experience — chatbots and virtual assistants, enhanced with natural language processing capabilities. We discussed how leading organizations are using this technology. What are the challenges […]
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Janaki Kumar

IT Meets DT – New Forces at Work in SAP’s Core Platform

The importance of empathy – in recent years, a strong shift towards customer-centricity has occurred in all areas of business. This development has also affected IT: Today, programming lives from the ability to not only write good code but to understand customers and develop solutions that satisfy their needs and expectations. Putting the end-user in […]
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Katharina Meerpohl

Establishing Community through Design: Israeli Designers in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area is home to many transplants. A famous hub for those working in the tech industry, it has quickly developed into a diverse global center. However, with relocation sometimes comes culture shock, and many seek comfort in community. The local design community, for example, has grown into a thriving network within the last […]
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Madelyn Andree

Empowering Teams – The Value Of Prototyping

Designers are familiar with different types of prototyping across user experience and product design. Prototyping is a key element of the Design Thinking process, and also of great value for communication, as IDEO founder and Stanford d.school professor David Kelley explains: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a million […]
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Tay Kim