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Process Your Tasks with the SAP Fiori Element Worklist

With the SAP Fiori element worklist, you can get a list of items that need processing. After reviewing the details of an item you can either complete the work item yourself or delegate it to someone else.
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Suraj Sudhi

Staying Smart with SAP Fiori Overview Pages

With the overview page, users can perform their daily tasks quickly and effectively by having all the information they need on a single page. One of five SAP Fiori elements, the overview page gives the user a role-based view, consolidating data from various sources where information is visualized on cards for multiple content types.
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Jan Ruessel

Stay Smart with SAP Fiori Elements

Creating SAP Fiori apps has never been easier thanks to SAP Fiori elements. Delivered with UI designs and templates of the most commonly used application patterns, SAP Fiori elements can help you save time and cost during development.
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Jan Ruessel