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Listen to Episode 6 – Can Neuroscience Improve Your Experience of Learning?

One of the most interesting areas of neuroscience today focuses on interpreting signals from the brain through mobile, wearable headsets. The signals these devices detect can be used to gauge attention and stress levels as well as to receive mental commands from the wearer. https://youtu.be/-CUWZk3fNloVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How SAP and […]
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Esther Blankenship

Listen to Episode 5 – What a Feeling! X+O Customer Experience Management

In this episode, our panel experts, Roger Baxter (SAP) and Dr. Elizabeth ErkenBrack (Senior XM Scientist for Qualtrics) will join host Bonnie D. Graham discuss the impact of experience management for the product development cycle and how XO data can bring the user experience to the next level.
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Andrea Waisgluss