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Top 10 Tips to Set Up a UX Center of Excellence

In my experience, about 50% of the screens our customers use are not developed by SAP but instead are adapted or developed by partners or the customer’s internal IT organization. I also learned in more than 300 customer projects, that many IT organizations typically do not engage directly with their end users when they develop […]
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Andreas Hauser

Meet Martin, Chief Designer at SAP

This is the eleventh in a series of interviews with SAP employees in a variety of roles in the area of user experience and design.
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Esther Blankenship

The new SAP UX Explorer is available now

Hello community, I’m very proud to announce the successful relaunch of our SAP UX Explorer . If you haven’t heard about this self-service tool before, you might like to start with our new introduction video. Let me summarize the major improvements in the new SAP UX Explorer.   SAP UX Explorer is part of the […]
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Juergen Jakowski

Webinars from SAP on User Experience

SAP user group members can participate in the live webinars. All customers can listen to the recordings, which are available from the SAP Service Marketplace - Knowledge Transfer Webinars page.
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Esther Blankenship

openSAP MOOCs on SAP’s UX Strategy and SAP Fiori UX Starting Soon

openSAP invites you to join two free openSAP Enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to learn more about SAP’s new UX, SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori applies simple, yet powerful principles to deliver an unmatched user experience and make SAP software more intuitive. SAP Fiori is the new UX across the entire SAP portfolio. Solutions such as SAP Business Suite are using SAP Fiori UX principles to deliver a completely new and reimagined user experience. There are 300+ role-based apps, that apply the SAP Fiori UX providing enhanced user productivity and personalization for customers.
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Claire Donelon

Part 2: Creating your UX strategy

Some time ago I wrote a post called “Creating your UX Strategy” about the why and how of creating your own UX strategy for your company. Today, I would like to continue this topic with two additional aspects: your strategic and your technical approach. Today, many people might say “Hey, just adopt SAP Fiori to […]
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Juergen Jakowski

SAP User Experience Strategy Updated

We have updated the SAP user experience (UX) strategy and the page on this community site that provides information about the strategy.
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Swimlane diagram – a great tool for alignment and process planning

A swimlane diagram is a type of flowchart, and it can be used to display the same type of information (data, deliverables, actions and interactions etc.). A swimlane diagram documents the steps or activities across borders (a flowchart is limited to a close linear process in general) and shows which step and activity belongs to which throughout processes; that’s why it’s also called a cross-functional diagram or a cross-channel diagram. What makes a swim-lane-diagram special and unique is that the elements within the flowchart are placed and matched together in lanes, and you can plan and coordinate when and how a channel is required. These lanes can help identify and visualize stages, organizational units, or any other set of separated categories.
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Holger Maassen

Part 1: Creating your UX strategy

Many SAP customers have already reviewed the SAP UX Strategy to understand how SAP will continue to improve its user experience portfolio from a technology, application and even service perspective. Based on SAP’s UX strategy your next question might be: “How can I start from here to improve the user experience (UX) in my company?” […]
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Juergen Jakowski

Evolution of the UX Strategy

For one year now, we have been running a work group which is working intensively on the user experience strategy. This group includes representatives from some of our largest customers and SAP’s experts on design, applications, and technologies. All parties share a high passion for user experience and the desire to optimize the offering of […]
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Nis Boy Naeve