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SAP Cloud ERP User Feedback Summit – Influencing the Next Wave of Process Innovation

SAP offers a broad range of initiatives that give our customers the opportunity to influence solution development at SAP and to adopt new innovations early on. After the great success of our end-to-end testing pilot run in February 2019, I am delighted to invite you to our Cloud ERP User Feedback Summit on June 3-4, […]
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Sven Denecken

Infographic – Usability Testing with End Users

This is the third in a small series of infographics on the topic of design and user experience. The first infographic was an introduction to the design process. The second was about conducting field research with end users. In this third post, the graphic highlights the steps involved in conducting a usability test and provides a few tips and […]
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Esther Blankenship

What is a Persona?

A persona is a description of a typical user for a particular use case or scenario. It goes back to 1998, where personas were first introduced by Alan Cooper as a design tool and grew in popularity in the software industry rapidly from then on. Personas, as we use them today, can include different characteristics and […]
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Carolin Flesch

A New Design, a New Experience

For those of you familiar with the SAP User Experience Community site, you will notice that quite a bit has changed here over the last couple of days. For you first-timers, let me just say “welcome”! If you are returning to the site, please note that all previous posts, and many new ones, are now […]
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Esther Blankenship

„5 Users Are Enough“…for what, exactly?

Are 5 users really enough for a valid usability test? Probably not - and I'll not discuss this here. But here's a method how to use the data from those 5 to predict what you'll get when you see more.
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Bernard Rummel

Infographic – How to Design Products That Delight End Users

The following infographic is a fun take on a serious topic – integrating users into the design process. The graphic takes the reader on a journey which starts with a multidisciplinary team and then moves swiftly on to scoping the design project appropriately. The “real” work then starts with 360 degree research, after which, everything […]
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Esther Blankenship

Remote User Research Sessions – Part 1

Conducting moderated user research activities remotely is a great way to get valuable feedback from users if travel budget is tight or there are other reasons why travelling to meet users in person is not viable. There are a lot of methods that can be conducted remotely, for example interviews, story board validations, or formative […]
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Ramona Winkler

Remote User Research Sessions – Part 2

This is the second of two posts. In the first post, I summarized the advantages and disadvantages of remote user research sessions. In this post, I’ll give some tips and tricks about what you have to consider before, during, and after the sessions. This is kind of long, but if you are going to conduct […]
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Ramona Winkler

What is Usability Testing?

A usability test is a method for validating prototypes and designs with actual end-users. In simple terms, a usability test is a one-on-one structured session between a moderator and a test participant as the participant performs a set of predefined tasks with a prototype or system. It does not involve a group discussion or observations […]
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Carolin Flesch

Design Thinking at SAP

The introduction of Design Thinking at SAP as a product definition methodology requires every employee involved in the development of the product to take responsibility for the usability and end-to-end product experience. Customer involvement has become a cornerstone of both the requirements gathering process and the usability testing of our software. An essential part of the […]
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