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Defining target or test groups

Recruiting the right persons is crucial for getting valuable results from your testing and research. These ‘right persons’ have to be able to represent your consumers, customers, and end users.
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Holger Maassen
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Explaining UX to your Parents

Image by RitaE from Pixabay If you work in user experience, I bet you have been in a similar situation. You are home for a visit, you’re about to dig into your all-time favorite home-cooked meal, and then, without warning, the conversation goes off the rails and you are struggling to explain what you do […]
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Esther Blankenship

UX Research: A Key Factor for Success in the Design Process

UX research, or design research serves many purposes throughout the design process. It helps us identify, prove or disprove our assumptions, find commonalities across our target audience members, and recognize their needs, goals, and mental models. As a User Experience Designer, I’d like to share some UX research methods around gathering data with you. My […]
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Holger Maassen

#designmistakes – Making Users Learn the UI

As designers, our common goal is to create products that make work easier. After all, one of the most important features of good design is ease-of-use and understanding. We have to build tools that are easy to use from the start.
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Dragomir Ralchev

Simplifying for Usability

“With the ever growing spread of computers into our daily lives, software application design is more and more focusing on untrained and casual users. These users have very different requirements from professional users who for a long time dominated the business scene. Developers need to take this new breed of users seriously and design applications […]
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The Challenge – Connecting Executives with Users’ Pain

So here was my challenge. As the manager of a team of user researchers, I was asked some years ago to help shift the mindset of our executives from traditional software benchmarked by features and functions to one measured by the quality of the user experience.
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Designing Tools for Software Development

What does this mean? If you don’t know, don’t feel bad. Some time ago I would not have known myself, but now it’s my vocation.
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Clare Johnson

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the usage of elements that are typical for games, such as  points, badges, levels and leader boards, in non-game contexts. This can be in business software, any other software (e.g. educational software) or in real life contexts (e.g. if your kids refuse to brush their teeth you can turn it into a contest). […]
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Hanna Kieser

System Usability Scale – jetzt auch auf Deutsch.

The System Usability Scale (Brooke, 1996) is a widely used, standardized 10-item questionnaire to measure user satisfaction. For German users, a group of SAP usability professionals made a translation available in 2013 which we proudly re-post in this community.
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Bernard Rummel

Quick UX Assessment? Start with the System Usability Scale.

You need a quick usability assessment of an already deployed system? The System Usability Scale can give you a pretty precise spotlight on where to dig deeper for usability issues - and where to unpack the rest of your UX toolbox. This post provides details and some tools to get started right away.
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Bernard Rummel

What is a Use Case?

The term “use case” is a common source of misunderstanding because it is often used to mean different things. Sometimes people use it to describe: a stakeholder’s high-level goal a step by step description of system action the flow of how users interact with a system If a team talks about use cases and everyone […]
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Carolin Flesch

Creating a Successful Information Experience for Users

Imagine you’re driving in your brand new Acura TL. It’s your first car, and you love how it drives. An icon appears on the dash with a bright orange exclamation point. What does this mean? You panic, you're confused. Is something overheated? Is the engine going to die? Should I pull over? Or should I ignore it and hope for the best?
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Sophia Marx

SAPPHIRE NOW: Understanding SAP’s Commitment to Usability

After the enormous success of SAPPHIRE NOW, which took place at the beginning of June in Orlando, Florida, USA, the excitement generated by this event is still present. SAPPHIRE is the biggest celebration of SAP in the entire ecosystem with customers, partners, and colleagues taking part. This year’s SAPPHIRE NOW was truly dedicated to the […]
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Ann-Sofie Ruf

Why Should I Participate in a User Research Study?

So you’ve been invited to take part in a user research study by your department head, your company’s IT department, or by an SAP contact. They told you about the importance user research has in improving the user experience of a software product, and they said you are just the right person for this. You may […]
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Clarissa Goetz

How Slow Users Drive ROI

In business software applications, a key factor whether or not to invest is whether or not the productivity of employees can be raised. ROI is measured in productivity, and productivity is measured in time. In usability tests, we routinely measure task completion time. This gave me an opportunity to have a closer look, and I’d […]
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Bernard Rummel

What is Interaction Design?

Consider this: a product is not complete until a person uses it. A chair is not complete until someone sits down; a shopping website, not until someone orders something. My first design teacher chose this idea to make a point: the product is there to be used by a person. What does he want to […]
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Clare Johnson

What is usability?

The answer to this question depends on how you define the term “usability.” So let’s take three different definitions and see where they led us to: Usability is “effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction” In this definition, the target of usability is effectiveness (the user is able to reach his goal), efficiency (the user can reach […]
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Ulrich Kreichgauer

What is Accessibility?

When I first worked on the accessibility topic some years ago, I had a basic idea what “A11y” (short for Accessibility) stands for, but within 2 days, a customer message reaching my inbox titled: “I cannot access my system anymore because I forgot my password”. At least, you can learn from this what Accessibility is […]
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Gisbert Loff

What is Design?

In its most essential terms, design (more specifically product design) is the transformation of an idea into a virtual or physical thing. All man-made things have been designed, whether the design is good or bad. But I do think that design is the result of an intention. Can there be unintentional design? There may be unintended consequences of a design decision, but design seems to me to be inherently connected to a conscious intention.
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Esther Blankenship

Design Thinking at SAP

The introduction of Design Thinking at SAP as a product definition methodology requires every employee involved in the development of the product to take responsibility for the usability and end-to-end product experience. Customer involvement has become a cornerstone of both the requirements gathering process and the usability testing of our software. An essential part of the […]
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Reaching “Casual” Users of Quantitative Information

Data-based decision making is only as good people's initiative and ability to make sense of the data, and the ability of their tools to help them think critically about it. The goal of this extensive user research project was to determine the opportunities for, and barriers to, reaching “casual” users of quantitative business information with a more engaging experience.
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