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Copywriting course starting October 29th: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time

The words that you use throughout your app or site are just as important as the interaction and visual design. But the words – or copy – are often an afterthought. All too frequently we use words like “Submit” and “Cancel” on our UIs as if we’re talking to a computer and not a human. […]
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Claire Donelon

Language and Content Can Make or Break the User Experience

Language in a user interface is important to make users feel comfortable, confident, and successful. You build a relationship with users, build trust, and give users a remarkable user experience in your software.
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Sophia Marx

All Aboard! Innovative New Onboarding for SAP Apps

One of the challenges of rolling out new enterprise software is getting the user population up-to-speed on it. SAP's new built-in onboarding and user assistance is making this smooth, simple, and pain-free.
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