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Now open! Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time

This award-winning course, Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time, has reopened at openSAP, providing you with an additional opportunity to improve your copywriting skills for your website or app. The words that you use throughout your app or site are just as important as the interaction and visual design. But the words – […]
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Claire Donelon

Free course: Using SAP Screen Personas for Advanced Scenarios

Join this free online course to learn how to use SAP Screen Personas to improve the SAP user experience, boost productivity, increase data quality, and reduce training requirements for users. By the end of the Using SAP Screen Personas for Advanced Scenarios, you’ll be familiar with creating and managing screens that can account for user […]
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Claire Donelon

Creating a Successful Information Experience for Users

Imagine you’re driving in your brand new Acura TL. It’s your first car, and you love how it drives. An icon appears on the dash with a bright orange exclamation point. What does this mean? You panic, you're confused. Is something overheated? Is the engine going to die? Should I pull over? Or should I ignore it and hope for the best?
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Sophia Marx

What is a Wireframe?

To explain what a wireframe is, you do not need 500 words. If you limit the definition to the basics, 10 words are enough. This is the definition of wireframe: “A wireframe is a simple sketch of a user interface.” Since I have about 460 words left, let´s take a closer look at the words […]
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Hanna Kieser

What is Interaction Design?

Consider this: a product is not complete until a person uses it. A chair is not complete until someone sits down; a shopping website, not until someone orders something. My first design teacher chose this idea to make a point: the product is there to be used by a person. What does he want to […]
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Clare Johnson

Why is UX so hard for some developers?

Creating great software is hard. It’s one thing to create software that works. It’s something else to make software that people love. This difference is where many software projects run into problems. Here is how one developer on StackOverflow described the problem: Some of us just have a hard time with the softer aspects of […]
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What is Accessibility?

When I first worked on the accessibility topic some years ago, I had a basic idea what “A11y” (short for Accessibility) stands for, but within 2 days, a customer message reaching my inbox titled: “I cannot access my system anymore because I forgot my password”. At least, you can learn from this what Accessibility is […]
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Gisbert Loff

Design Thinking at SAP

The introduction of Design Thinking at SAP as a product definition methodology requires every employee involved in the development of the product to take responsibility for the usability and end-to-end product experience. Customer involvement has become a cornerstone of both the requirements gathering process and the usability testing of our software. An essential part of the […]
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