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Now open! Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time

This award-winning course, Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time, has reopened at openSAP, providing you with an additional opportunity to improve your copywriting skills for your website or app. The words that you use throughout your app or site are just as important as the interaction and visual design. But the words – […]
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Claire Donelon

Meaningful Motion in UI

When motion fills the gap between frames, the story comes to life and becomes more understandable. A great story has a beginning, middle, and an end. As such, motion facilitates comprehension by creating the full picture for us, while holding our attention.
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Dragomir Ralchev

Copywriting course starting October 29th: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time

The words that you use throughout your app or site are just as important as the interaction and visual design. But the words – or copy – are often an afterthought. All too frequently we use words like “Submit” and “Cancel” on our UIs as if we’re talking to a computer and not a human. […]
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Claire Donelon

Language and Content Can Make or Break the User Experience

Language in a user interface is important to make users feel comfortable, confident, and successful. You build a relationship with users, build trust, and give users a remarkable user experience in your software.
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Sophia Marx

The new SAP UX Explorer is available now

Hello community, I’m very proud to announce the successful relaunch of our SAP UX Explorer . If you haven’t heard about this self-service tool before, you might like to start with our new introduction video. Let me summarize the major improvements in the new SAP UX Explorer.   SAP UX Explorer is part of the […]
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Juergen Jakowski

UI vs. UX: What a Difference a Letter Makes

There’s a lot of talk about “user experience” today, but I’m not sure we’re all talking about the same thing. I often find myself midway into a conversation about UX, only to realize that some participants are really talking about UI, or user interface. In actuality, while the two are related, and both are important, […]
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Four Simple Rules for Better Icon Design

People understand icons based on their unique, past experiences. That makes icon design particularly challenging. This post addresses 4 things to consider when designing icons.
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Holger Maassen

Why establish a UI Center of Excellence? Unilever answers.

With the support of the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP, Unilever has established a User Interface Center of Excellence at the organization, resulting in a considerable increase in user productivity and satisfaction. In this interview, Manfred Kürschner, Head of User Interface Center of Excellence, Unilever, shares his thoughts about the establishment of a UI […]
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Ann-Sofie Ruf