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What Is a UI Control?

A user interface (UI) control is a visual element on a computer screen that helps humans to interact with the underlying software. (They are also sometimes referred to as “widgets.”) Examples of UI controls are buttons, checkboxes, links, tabstrips, charts, and windows, but there are many more that you probably use daily, but never gave […]
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Esther Blankenship

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the usage of elements that are typical for games, such as  points, badges, levels and leader boards, in non-game contexts. This can be in business software, any other software (e.g. educational software) or in real life contexts (e.g. if your kids refuse to brush their teeth you can turn it into a contest). […]
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Hanna Kieser

What is a Use Case?

The term “use case” is a common source of misunderstanding because it is often used to mean different things. Sometimes people use it to describe: a stakeholder’s high-level goal a step by step description of system action the flow of how users interact with a system If a team talks about use cases and everyone […]
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Carolin Flesch

What is an End User?

Fortunately, the days are gone in which the end users were mysterious beings that hardly anyone from the development department ever met. But since it’s still not a matter of course that software professionals have the real end user in mind when the end user is meant, the question should be allowed: What is an […]
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Ramona Winkler

What is a Prototype?

If you are not a UI designer and hear the word “prototype,” what comes to your mind? If you are a UI designer, please forget about your background knowledge for a while and try to answer the question as well. There are two things coming to my mind. On the one hand there are sentences […]
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Hanna Kieser

What is a Persona?

A persona is a description of a typical user for a particular use case or scenario. It goes back to 1998, where personas were first introduced by Alan Cooper as a design tool and grew in popularity in the software industry rapidly from then on. Personas, as we use them today, can include different characteristics and […]
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Carolin Flesch

What is Service Design?

Service design is a term that seems self-explanatory and ambiguous at the same time. Service design is the designing of services. But what is a service? A service is an intangible commodity. It is a set of actions that delivers value to users, without them having to own or manage any components. When sending a […]
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What is a Mock-Up?

If you look up “mock-up” in a dictionary you will find several explanations. The one that fits best to a mock-up in the context of UI design is “It is a life-size model”. You could also say that a mock-up is an imitation, but one that comes before that actual product, not after. While looking […]
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Hanna Kieser

What is User Research?

In the context of business software, user research is a systematic approach to find out what exactly target users of a software product do in their work-related duties. The main focus of the research is on capturing the users’ goals, tasks, needs, pain points, information and interaction requirements. These findings are then used as input […]
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Clarissa Goetz

What is a Wireframe?

To explain what a wireframe is, you do not need 500 words. If you limit the definition to the basics, 10 words are enough. This is the definition of wireframe: “A wireframe is a simple sketch of a user interface.” Since I have about 460 words left, let´s take a closer look at the words […]
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Hanna Kieser

What is Interaction Design?

Consider this: a product is not complete until a person uses it. A chair is not complete until someone sits down; a shopping website, not until someone orders something. My first design teacher chose this idea to make a point: the product is there to be used by a person. What does he want to […]
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Clare Johnson

What is usability?

The answer to this question depends on how you define the term “usability.” So let’s take three different definitions and see where they led us to: Usability is “effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction” In this definition, the target of usability is effectiveness (the user is able to reach his goal), efficiency (the user can reach […]
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Ulrich Kreichgauer

What is Visual Design?

Colors Color is a primary and powerful ingredient of visual design. Designers create a color palette for a user interface (UI) to support the intent of the interaction, and to bring the personality of the brand to the application. There should always be a rational reason for choosing a color and they are mixed according […]
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What is User Experience?

User experience (UX) refers to the overall interaction that people have with a product and, most importantly, how they feel about that interaction.
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Esther Blankenship

What is Accessibility?

When I first worked on the accessibility topic some years ago, I had a basic idea what “A11y” (short for Accessibility) stands for, but within 2 days, a customer message reaching my inbox titled: “I cannot access my system anymore because I forgot my password”. At least, you can learn from this what Accessibility is […]
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Gisbert Loff

What is Usability Testing?

A usability test is a method for validating prototypes and designs with actual end-users. In simple terms, a usability test is a one-on-one structured session between a moderator and a test participant as the participant performs a set of predefined tasks with a prototype or system. It does not involve a group discussion or observations […]
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Carolin Flesch

What Is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is one of the more recent buzz words in the design community. I would therefore like to ask, “What is Design Thinking?” and suggest a few answers. A Design Methodology Basically, Design Thinking is a design methodology, which differs from traditional design approaches in specific ways. For example, it is characterized as more […]
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What is Design?

In its most essential terms, design (more specifically product design) is the transformation of an idea into a virtual or physical thing. All man-made things have been designed, whether the design is good or bad. But I do think that design is the result of an intention. Can there be unintentional design? There may be unintended consequences of a design decision, but design seems to me to be inherently connected to a conscious intention.
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Esther Blankenship