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Establishing Community through Design: Israeli Designers in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area is home to many transplants. A famous hub for those working in the tech industry, it has quickly developed into a diverse global center. However, with relocation sometimes comes culture shock, and many seek comfort in community. The local design community, for example, has grown into a thriving network within the last […]
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Madelyn Andree

Design & Co-Innovation Center favorite design videos of 2015

At the Design & Co-Innovation Center, we foster T-shaped design teams by continually expanding our knowledge and skillsets. To achieve this, we host numerous learning opportunities for our team from Bikablo drawing workshops and Drupal learning sessions to guest talks on a range of topics like photo journalism and visual storytelling. In continuation of this […]
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Anthony Jakubiak

What a Great 2015!

In this year in review we would like to share our biggest successes and greatest experiences with you.  Since 2013 it is the mission of the Design & Co-Innovation Center to elevate the perception of SAP’s user experience and design. We have been focusing on working in a creative space, with the right approach and the […]
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Gloria Costa

More than Numbers: Revolutionizing NHL’s Statistics with Design

Statistics, numbers, data – what sounds nerdy at first can be refreshingly captivating if you put it in a new context. Indeed this spring, SAP and the National Hockey League (NHL), the professional ice hockey league, consisting of 30 member clubs in USA and Canada, scored a big coup in revolutionizing the representation of sports statistics and retelling their story to hockey lovers all over the world.
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“Design Doesn’t Fall from the Sky” – a Story in Postcards

Three designers from the Design and Co-Innovation Center had the idea to create a series of six postcards which communicate SAP’s aim of humanizing software. At this point you might think: Relax, three designers – six postcards? But design doesn’t just fall from the sky. Follow them on their design journey!
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Why Becoming Simple Takes Focus

Now Fiori and Personas are free, the priority for SAP customers is how to target your UX efforts into an effective UX roadmap. Anyone can do a Proof of Concept, but there's no guarantee that a PoC will build engagement with the business or motivation to implement... and this is where SAP's UX advisory services help you turn UX improvement desires into real UX improvement strategy, and build business will to sponsor UX projects.
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Jocelyn Dart