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5 Ways Warm-Ups Align Mindsets to Innovate

Warm-ups and ice breakers are the perfect tools to access creativity and unlock innovation. After observing the impact they have on groups at design thinking workshops, the AppHaus decided to host a meetup to introduce others to the value behind fun, yet strategic, pre-workshop activities.
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Madelyn Andree

Warm Ups: 123 “TA-DA”

Continuing on from our One Hand Paper Airplanes exercise, here’s a new and fun warm-up to try from the Design & Co-Innovation Center. In this warm-up exercise, we’re learning how to embrace our stumbles and falls along the journey to success. Finding out what didn’t work lets you know what does. So when you take […]
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Collect Them All! (An Activity to Bring People Together)

In preparation for an SAP-internal UX event, 2 colleagues and I designed ten method cards that dealt with “secret” UX methods – methods that are not that widely known or so new that not many people had heard of them before.
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Warm Ups: One Hand Paper Airplanes

In a recent workshop the DCC hosted, we did a particularly challenging and fun warm up of holding a paper airplane contest. Easy, right? But there’s a catch. The paper airplanes can only be built with one hand.
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