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How Digital Ethics Enables Trust in Business AI

Technologies summarized under the label of “Artificial intelligence” (AI) open doors to new possibilities that can enrich the lives of many humans. This is the first part of a two-part blog that shows that digital ethics can be helpful to manage the risks arising from expected changes in the labor market and our society. The […]
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Guido Wagner

Human Impact of Biased AI in Business — and How to Go Beyond

As Andrew Ng, adjunct professor at Stanford, describes it, “AI is the next electricity, and there is no going back.” Just as electricity has changed many industries since it was introduced, so will AI. Therefore, it is important for individuals and businesses to understand this powerful technology, to ask the right questions, and to make the right […]
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Janaki Kumar

Why Digital Ethics Matter

AI is both exciting and unsettling. This series of 3 blogs invites you to explore a future coexistence of people and intelligent machines – and pinpoints what we need to do to make sure AI benefits, rather than harms, humanity. The first part discusses the importance of "Digital Ethics".
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Guido Wagner

XX+UX Happy Hour for Women at SAP Palo Alto

XX+UX is an event for women (XX) in the field of User Experiences (UX) to meet and mingle. This event is organized by Google and hosted by different companies at locations worldwide. The January 2015 event is hosted by SAP’s Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) in Palo Alto, California, where many talented XXs create magical UX for enterprise software users.
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