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Does anyone know if having A Fiori app which is a cross between Smart Business App AND Transactional App adheres the

UI guidlines of Fiori UX?

At first glance I believe this is not a good idea but the client has asked for it so wanted to know what you all think before I agree to design and spec such an app.

I know that with coding anything is possible but I do not want to move away from the FIORI UX, I do not want to make the app just a HTML5 app I want it to still live up to its name as a Fiori App which is simple and coherent.






I don’t know if it follow the Fiori Guidelines… But, to provide another customer point of view, this is a compulsory need.

The goal is to make close as possible the reporting activity to the operational … taking decision then doing action !

We’re developing fiori app on what we call “alerting” : provide to a user a custom alert. The user is able define his perimeter, and his threshold value.

BUT, we do not provide any update function (except for perimeter and alert threshold) in the app : we use navigation/route to link this alerting app to any transactional function (app or transaction).

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Chief Designer

Hi Petros,

you need to differentiate between between Smart Business Drill-Down applications and the capabilities that Smart Business offers to easily configure KPIs and analytical structures on top of HANA.

The most easy way to consume these models are the Smart Business Drill-Down applications. These applications are generated based on the data models and as most frameworks are limited to specific use cases. Still, Smart Business applications are used in many cases to create a selection that then is handed over to transactions. This allows the integration of analytical and transactional functionality in a simple way.

Else, you will have to manually develop an application that consumes analytical data and represents it in combination with transactional functionality. This can be done by using Smart Business configurations or directly on top of HANA views. There are also instances of such applications that have been delivered by SAP. In many cases, these applications follow the design of the Smart Business Drill-Down applications. But there might also be cases where such analytical visualizations should be shown in the context of a List Report, Object Page or another transactional page type.

The guidelines do not prevent you from exploring possibilities to embed analytical information or functionality into transactional applications. On the contrary. This is definitively something we want to encourage. In fact, we are currently working on this topic and it would be interesting to learn more about your use cases if you are willing to share them.

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Kai, All,

I would agree with Simon. We did a Suite on Hana migration couple years back to merge analytical and transactional databases. Now we want to merge Analytics (Smart Business) and Transactions at the Application level, and Fiori provides the platform. One can even argue that merging both types of App is the ultimate benefit of SoH/S4. The idea is to provide the right context to users, as they are requested to perform an approval for instance: If I am asked to approve a PO, maybe I want to look at my total spend for the period, or to the Work Order the PO may relate to. Today they have to go to Bobj and to SapGui, and/or send emails etc, or just proceed without much context.

is there an article that describes the details on Smart Business Drill-Down apps: templates, best practice, limitation, etc



PS: Kai, great meeting you last week at Teched, thanks for your time !


Chief Designer

Hi Yoram,

adding for instance budget information into an approval application as you mention in your use case should be possible either on a CDS View or by means of a Smart Business KPI configuration (read more about the KPI Modeler). As Fiori UIs consume the open OData protocol you are rather free in connecting any data source into the front end and we offer various ways to expose such KPIs either as number or as chart to the user.

Another nice way to integrate analytical and transactional information in the UI today are the new Overview Pages that have just been released. Here you can combine cards with lists and analytical cards (also based on Smart Business KPIs) in a data-driven way. (read more about the SAP Fiori Overview Page).

Best regards


PS: Likewise, looking forward to continuing our discussion 🙂

Yes, you can build a Fiori app that is a cross between the Smart Business generic drill down app and a transactional app. An example for this is https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/#/relatedApp/Apps(‘F0755’)/W6 which allows you to look at the current budget and spending and then adjust the budget right on the same screen. This app is built with the same floorplan, controls and smart business data structures but puts them together differently. The app type examples at https://experience.sap.com/fiori-design/app-types/smart-business-drill-down-app/ do not spell this out but there are a lot of use cases where doing an atomic change in context of the data visualization makes a lot of sense.My Marketing Planning

In fact parts of this is available using SAP’s APF framework. There are already “insight to action” features – so please look at the Roadmap. Here ist an example:


You can also extend the sap.apf control.

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