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Hi all,

have a look at this great blog post from Chris Noessel (@chrisnoessel):

Barry the Blog Post…or, Why Silly Names Make Silly Personas, 8 Tips to Effective Persona Names


Chris describes in detail some serious mistakes you can make when choosing persona names, or other artificial names on prototypes, and how to avoid them.

What’s best: he points out a Random name generator that lets you generate any number of realistic English names for prototypes and testing scenarios that are neither funny names (“Ken Hartley Reed”) nor celebrities you didn’t know because you’re not living in the US. Names from the US census are randomly recombined and automatically googled for uniqueness.

Also, the Name Voyager let’s you find whether the name you’re considering fits the age range of your persona.

Great post, great tools!

Cheers, Bernard

User Experience Evangelist

Good-bye to John and Jane Doe! I won’t miss you.

In my case, I am using creative name provider, and that made my decision to do it after I am motivated from this one

Great article. Thanks @Bernard Rummel for posting it on the channel.

User Research Expert

Update: people are not the only data you’ll need – thanks James  for reminding me!

Dotomator ( generates wonderful company name lists from component lists you can select from several categories. They even look up whether the domain is still available. My favorite is the tech/hardware combination with such wonderful results as But nooo, no funny names in companies either! Well, anyway,  with this tool you’ll  get a reasonable-looking suppliers list in no time!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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