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Hi everyone,
In my current organisation, I am preparing a presentation on the cutover steps involved in implementing SAP Fiori.
The information I require is : what are the precise steps involved in the pre-cutover, cutover, and post-cutover, when a client is implementing SAP Fiori for the first time? I need to know the steps for the case pertaining to a System Conversion, and the steps pertaining to a new implementation.

It would be great if you could please help me out in this regard.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Warm regards,



Hi Aniruddha,


Would be great to share more details. Do you want to implement SAP Fiori apps for SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA? In case of SAP Business Suite, what kind (transactional/analytical/search) of SAP Fiori apps are you planning to install? This may have an impact on your system landscape planning.

Some links you should consider:

SAP Fiori apps reference library, lists all available SAP Fiori apps across all products and version. Based on your selection of SAP Fiori apps you want to install you can also jump directly to SAP Maintenance Planner and plan the required Pre-/Post- installation steps based on task lists:

You can find all a collection of all available installation documentation at:

Also check the Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP Fiori apps:

For more information about the deployment options, pros and cons for SAP Fiori front-end server check:!/overview

Finally, if you participate TechEd check sessions UX205 and NET38848


Best regards,

Holger Bohle
User Experience & SAP Fiori Product Management

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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