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Of course, if the goal is to deploy some Fiori apps, the choice is Fiori Launchpad but if we have SAPUI5 custom developed applications and we would like to centralize the access to them, what should be used? The Fiori Launchpad or should we built a custom hosting page using the Shell object and the Tile Container available in the SAPUI5 SDK?

Chief Designer

Hi Benoit,

to achieve a coherent experience we indeed recommend integrating applications into the Fiori Launchpad through launch tiles and the catalogues. This will provide consistency throughout the entire flow from discovery to selection. This also allows you to expose information from the individual apps to the related tile as KPI, trend, or counter.

We don’t recommend building a custom Fiori Launchpad with own tiles. This might be confusing to those users that use Fiori in parallel as the Fiori Launchpad goes beyond just launch tiles integrating also search and other features and both instances will operate differently.

It is of course difficult to give you a good advice without knowing your solutions but let me list you the options with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Integrate into the Fiori Launchpad: launching your tiles through the standard launchpad should not be an issue as any URL can be used to configure a simple tile. These applications then will launch in a new browser window or tab. Users will be able to add, re-arrange and remove tiles as they know it and use the search and other features that will be delivered in future.
  • Create an intermediate dashboard: you could decide to create an own intermediate dashboard that integrates information from the different applications and only from there jump off into the individual apps. Maybe this would help the user to decide whether he needs to proceed and it could offer already some functionality and information. Such a dashboard could be made available also on smaller devices in case your applications are not supported there. The Launchpad experience would remain intact and the user could still bookmark individual apps to his browser. We are currently exploring the potential of such such role-specific pages.
  • Create your own implementation of a home page: you could use the UI5 controls to build your own home page for just the apps you want to have included. This might cause issues with distribution as you can’t rely on the catalogues, therefore, while being a quick win it might cause issues in the long run. Also, having different home pages for the same user contradicts the idea of a home page, therefore users might get lost and don’t understand what application to find where, how to use services like personalization and search if they are fragmented. This solution can create a number of usability issues as consequence.

I hope this helps?

Best regards


Hi Kai,

I was looking for advise and this is exactly what you gave me. I appreciate your input, it will help a lot.

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Hi Guys,

I wonder if you can help. We have upgraded to EHP 6 and we are on release 604 SP82. We have SAP renewal 1 and SAP Netweaver EHP3 for 7.  See the attachment for exact details on our system status.

My Question are:

  1. Should we switch on services for SAPUI5 or Webdynpro ABAP? We are already using webdynpro ABAP for ESS/MSS. I mean SAPUI5 is better on the look and feel but I am not clear on any technical requirements that have to be considered before heading the UI5 route.
  2. If we switch SAPUI5 can we go back to WDA at a later stage if we see that we have a lot of issues during testing? ie can we reverse SAPUI5 to WDA
  3. If we decide to go down the WDA route, what functions in the portal do we need? I know which ones to activate in the backend but not sure on portal side.

Your input will be greatly appreciated indeed.


Installed Software_2015-03-18_19-59-05.pngInstalled Software_2015-03-18_20-01-51.png





Director - SAP User Interfaces

Hi Andy,

a short comment regarding your second question. Generally WDA and SAPUI5 are two parallel UI technologies that SAP uses and thus can also be used by you. It is not like switching one off and the other one on. Theoretically you could provide some users with a SAPUI5 based ESS fiori app while others still use the WDA based ESS application. So there is no need to think in “switching back form SAPUI5 to WDA”.. as both can be run in parallel and do not exclude or switch off the other technology.

Best Regards, Ingo



I am working on an aplication that contains a table where I can click one line and I’d like this particular click grabs the content data of this line and make an automatic jump to another app existing on the launchpad.

I am looking for help for a long time now, but I still got nothing.. Is there any hope for me here?


Many thanks,


Chief Designer

Hi Marc,

Actually, this is primarily about design but you know, there are the reference apps that you find here: that show you how navigation within and between apps work. The navigation concept used in Fiori is called intend-based navigation and it works on a verb-noun syntax where you can define what you want to do with what kind of object and the configuration of the system determines the resolution of the navigation target. Also you can pass context parameters between apps.

I hope this helps.

Best regards


Hi Kai,

many thanks for your quick reply, although I read all the page content you posted. There are even 3 examples, that I also carefully read, but none of them appears to have a table click to jump to another existing app… Am I wrong? :/

But the “intent-based” keyword is a great help for google-ing about it! Many thanks!

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