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Jongde Software

AI and UX are inextricably entwined in today’s world where we’re now facing a turning point in the new era of design. They both affect and inform how the other works, however some people think AI will eventually replace designers and the need for human-driven UX. “The end is near”, according to those specialists in artificial intelligence and robotics.

One typical example is a TEDx talk of Futurist Thomas Frey, saying that over 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030, and robots will probably take over a portion of jobs which are now occupied by humans. Looking back to 2017, we can find that AI has been widely applied in various fields, like Uber’s self-driving car, Chatbots of customer representatives, Amazon’s delivery drones – the revolution of robotic is just getting started.

Will the rise of AI replace the work of designers, are we in trouble? How will AI impact the design field, designer’s career as well as design tools in the future?

User Research Expert

Well, I guess some designers will be in trouble – the ones who never understood human-centeredness. Design is more than pretty screens. If you understand design as the process of shaping technical artifacts based on a deep understanding of human needs, there’s no need to worry. Mind that those needs are not only about an individual user but also about the social systems they live and work in, their beliefs and values, mutually intertwined interests, the whole ISO “context of use” thing. AI can help a lot to collect, cleanse, and aggregate data about that, but eventually understanding those data will require humans.

Here’s another perspective on this: if you look beyond the user interface, you’ll realize that what we eventually design is never just a user- or “human-machine” interface. What we actually design is human-human interfaces, focusing on the technology that mediates them. AI can support but not replace this process.

What’s really interesting about this AI debate is that it makes us focus, and hopefully eventually understand the deeply human side of our profession.

So, Cherry, big thanks for this post, and for kicking off this discussion!

Jongde Software

Hi. Bernard! Thanks for your kindness reply first! I totally agree with you on that “AI can support but not replace this process.” But we also have to admit that AI effects UI/UX design.Thanks for express your idea here! 🙂

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