How to call fiori screen in SAP CRM webui page? did any one tried this?

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Dear Experts,


I’m new to fiori but having sap crm exp , i just tried to call fiori screen into sap crm webui screen through transaction launcher .

Did any one tried this ? is there any free app for windows mobile to use sap fiori ?


Could you please share your thoughts and experience.

Best regards,

Best Regards With Thanks,
Buddha Sanjeev
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Hello Sanjeev

I will i nvestigate and get back to you within the next 2 days.

I have not tried this and would be interested to test.



Toros Aledjian
DIrector Product Managment

Thanks Toros Aledjian,

Will wait for your inputs and suggestions.


Good Business day ahead !!¬† ūüôā

SAP America Inc. (Hudson Yards)

Hello Sanjeev

Unfortunately, currently there is no way to launch Fiori from within the CRM Web UI.  However, it is in the Roadmap and efforts are being made to make this available within a short time.

Please let me know if yo have any other specific questions on the CRM WEb UI.  I was the CRM Web UI Product Manager 2 years ago SO I still have contacts within the Development organization.


Kind Regards


I am also having the same requirement, where we have to call Fiori  application from CRM Web UI.

When I tried with Transaction Launcher, blank screen is getting displayed. Can you please let me know, if you have identified solution.

I am waiting for our reply.



Hi, Toros.

Do you know if it is currently available a way to launch Fiori from within the CRM Web UI? (it was in the Roadmap about 2 years ago).

Best regards.


I’m having the same issue.

There is any update?



Hello everyone,

There is a possibility to navigate to a Fiori app from Web Client UI based applications and exchange data. Check out the following SAP standard note:

2361074 – HTML Island Integration in WebClient UI Framework

This feature is available in both, Business Suite and S/4HANA systems. For better user experience, I would definitely recommend CRM7 customers WEBCUIF in Belize. All the details are here:

2628638 – Availability of the Fiori 2.0 Visual theme in WebClient UI Framework

Heads up for “S/4HANA for customer management” users:

There will be soon a possibility to load WEBCUIF based applications inside Fiori Launchpad (no WEBCUIF shell, seamless in-place navigation between Fiori apps and WEBCUIF applications). The FLP Integrated mode will be released with S4HANA OP 1809 FPS1.


Best regards,

Irina Zhilina

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Web Client UI

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Hello Irina Zhilina,

Can you let us know if you are talking about Web UI of SAP CRM or S/4HANA Customer Management 2.0

I am currently working on S/4HANA 1809,  We created a Sales Order in Web UI.  Then we created Delivery in GUI and further processed it till billing.

In Web UI, under the Transaction History –> Assignment Block, we can see the Delivery and other documents.¬† When I clicked on the Delivery number, it is opening a web page but it is blank.¬† In Web UI we get an error message Fiori launchpad URL is not correctly maintained

I am sure, I may be missing out some configuration/settings.

Can you help us with any documents/blogs that shows how to configure this process.

Thanks in advance!





Hello Ram,


Are you using Transaction Launcher for the navigation? You may check IMG documentation to see if the configuration and parameter mapping are done correctly. Here is the path.

SPRO->Customer Management->Basic Function->UI Navigation->Configure UI Navigation


Best regards,



Hello Irina,

Thanks for your reply and guide to check the configuration path.

As I mentioned in my thread, I am trying to navigate to a Delivery document from Web UI and not using Transaction Launcher. Of course, I understand, both the methods almost do same action, but there could be a subtle difference.

Shall get back with my results ūüôā

Good Day!


Warm Regards,






Hi Ram,


Yes, please, share the results with us. ūüôā For standalone mode, when the full Web Client UI is launched, navigation via TL is the way to go.

As I mentioned before,¬† we’ve implemented seamless cross-navigation between WEBCUIF applications and Fiori apps for FLP Integrated mode, which will be released with¬†S4HANA OP 1809 FPS1.¬†


Best regards,




Hi Irina,

We tried launching the ERP delivery document by clicking the delivery document number in the Transaction History of sales order in CRM Web UI.

It worked as expected, except for one thing. The delivery doc app opened in a separate web page but expects us to input the delivery document number.  In this scenario, as we are launching from the hyperlink of (delivery number) system should automatically take this number as input and open the delivery document.


In the “Define Parameter Mapping” screen the following are configured.


Object Action : Display

Semantic Object : OutboundDelivery

Semantic Action :  displayOutboundDelivery

Parameter Name1: OutboundDelivery (understand this is a free text)

Parameter Value1: @OBJKEY (Not sure if this value can be retained.  We also tried @DOCNUM  and other values)

In the BBP document also, we found the above values.

Can you provide your comments / help here?


Best Regards,







Hi Ram,


The parameter name should be exactly as defined in the Fiori App for navigating to the object. For instance, Fiori App url is this:

<FLP url….>/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?#MaintenanceObject-displayFactSheet?TechObjIsEquipOrFuncnlLoc=EAMS_EQUI&TechnicalObject=10000000

So the parameter names should be: TechnicalObject and TechObjIsEquipOrFuncnlLoc,  and the Value should be as it is expected by Fiori App.





Hi Irina

can you give an update on this topic? I am trying to navigate from a sales order (in IC Web UI) to the respective Fiori App to be able to show the variant configuration (which is due to restrictions not shown in Web UI, as it used to be in CRM 7). I am on a S/4HANA OP 1909 FPS1-system.

How do the paramters need to be set up in “Define URLs and Parameters” (Handler Class, Transaction Type, Definition 1, 2, 3 … etc) and which are the corresponding Import and Export Parameters?

Would be great to have a documentation of an working example

Thanks and BR



Hi Oliver,


If I understand correctly, you want to use Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) with Sales Order. It is already delivered for Service applications in S/4HANA 1909. The AVC app is rendered in HTML Island. You can check the below link for details and also see in the system how the configuration settings are maintained for Service applications.

SAP Help:

Best regards,


Hi Irina

thanks for the hint, I added the mentioned 2 Fiori-Roles, but still the same error appears:


Which further configurations for service applications did you mean?


Thanx and BR



Hi Oliver,

My apologies for the delays. I would suggest you to create a customer incident so we could help you further.

Best regards,


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