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UX is a component of the overall performance of the digital product, whether it is a mobile application, web application, PWA/Software or Website, although it plays an imperative role in the user’s journey from stumbling upon to become a returning customer on a regular basis.

There are certain points we need to focus on while designing UI that enhances the user experience of any digital product, though we mainly focus on the mobile app in this post.

Below are the major parts we need to work on,

  1.  User-Centric UI Designing
  2.  Authentic Design Patterns
  3.  Key Components (Design, Branding & Typography)
  4.  Look for inspiration on various
  5.  Top UI design principles
  6.  Ethical Testing of UI design
  7.  Simple UI/UX navigation
  8.  Accurate features with easy to digest Structure

If you follow all these steps in the designing process of a mobile apps or any other digital product, your UX would be greatly optimized for your targeted users.



UI and UX are an integral part of any software application. You may have a superb idea and make use of the best possible technology. But, your application will not succeed if it is not user-friendly. 

Android app development companies create UI keeping the users in mind, not the team. But, what do you mean by a good User Interface? How does it look? Well, there is no specific answer to this question. But, it’s simple – launch an application that is engaging, useful, and user-friendly.  


How to design an excellent UI

Now, there are mainly three steps to designing UI for excellent UX of an application. They are as follows:

User Research

Here, your primary goal is to know who your customers are and how they will use it. So, you need to explore- 

  • User’s needs and problems
  • User types, their level of knowledge and skills
  • What activities they pursue using your system

It’s a crucial stage for developing the UI of your application. If you already have the information, then you can start creating the user interface. But, if you haven’t done enough research on this part, then you are at risk. You are on to make an unsuccessful UI design. 


Let’s assume that you have gathered all the relevant information of the users. Now, you can start designing.

Designing and Prototyping

It begins with making simple sketches and low-fidelity wireframes. Then, you continue with high-fidelity wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Typically, a wireframe is a sketch of the system that you want to build. It will give you an overview of the elements used on all the pages and its features. It will provide you with a rough idea of your future app. You do the actual production of the screen design later. So, wireframes come first.

If you want to develop a business app with many processes, user types, and features, prototypes will follow the wireframes. Now, what is a prototype? 

A prototype is a semi-functional layout that gives a high-fidelity preview of the actual application. It may not have full functionality, but it enables you to click around and simulate how the app will work. You can demonstrate and discuss various elements and their features. It helps you to test the ideas and make desired changes at the early stages.

After wireframing and prototyping, focus on the visual design of the elements. It’s always wise to produce mockups after reviewing the wireframes. It will demonstrate the graphics, typography, colors, and other page elements of the application. Mockups are usually images. 

Now, how do wireframes differ from mockups?

  • Wireframes deal with the functionality
  • Mockups demonstrate to you how the final product would look like


You should generally include the evaluation in all the stages of UI designing. Its primary function is to assess the quality of design, analyze how it fits the users, and meets their needs. 


After various sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, discussions, and brainstorming sessions, your UI is ready. All the mobile app development companies follow the same pattern. It makes for an excellent UX of an application.

Thank you! there’s also a good article about UX of apps. Sharing 

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