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Dear All

Please share how to develop new app for testing point of view.

What is the difference of transnational app,Analytic app &  fact sheet???

Thanks & Regards


User Experience Evangelist

Hi Sangram,

Could you elaborate a little bit more about what in particular you would like to know? Is your question specific to SAP Fiori or just in general? Are you interested in building an interactive prototype for testing or a working application? Is there a specific tool you are interested in using? Any information along these lines would help us to help answer your question.

By the way, are you familiar with our guidelines and resources page? Here is the link:

Perhaps that will help out.

Try to concretize the question a little bit more. But if you would like to design an app you need to learn some basics of UX design. I suggest to strart from basics. There are a lot of  information in this forum. For example – Or you can read this short article about UX techniques –

Good luck!

Space-O technologies

Mobile is taking over desktop and the number of mobile users is also increasing day by day.

Great mobile app design can exponentially help your business in many ways. It can:

According to my point of view following are the important steps you need to take care while making an app are:

Sketch your app idea
Do some market research
Create mockups of your app
Make your app’s graphic design
Build your app landing page
Make the app with Xcode and Swift
Launch the app in the App Store
Market your app to reach the right people
Improve your app with user feedback

Are you still want to learn how to create an app? I am sharing here detail guide when you read this guide, you will have a clear idea about how to design, develop, and launch a successful mobile app.

Cerdonis Technologies LLC

Designing a mobile application user interface can determine the success of a particular mobile application, and this also applies to any web or software application as well, because the design of any application be the 1st impression on the consumer mind and that impression lets the consumers use this app or not.

Recently I read an article on the same concern to this question, that article was on mobile app designing process and that article has cleared all of my doubts.

There are certain things that a mobile app designer has to focus on while designing mobile app UI for the consumers.

  1. UX Analysis
  2. WireFrame
  3. Designing the Interface
  4. Rapid Prototyping
  5. Design specs & Assets to developers
  6. Designing graphics for the app markets

Furthermore, if we willing to customize mobile app UI design, then I would recommend hiring a mobile app development company rather than doing it on our own, as the company would have more insights and knows exactly what could be the design efficiently leveraged in the mobile app or any web or software application.

Cadabra Studio

At first, you shouldn’t think about only design for a new app.

There are a few more crucial points to consider before making a new app.

Research /  Prototyping / Testing MVP

If we consider a new app as a digital product I recommend you deep into this article to get to know with all the development (design) processes.

Hello You should consider:

  • analisys of requirements
  • design and architecture
  • developing
  • implementation
  • training


Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

There are various ways by which one can develop his own mobile application. If a person is not technical enough or doesn’t have the knowledge of development, he can hire a dedicated app development agency. I suggest hiring Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. for your customized mobile app development needs.

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