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Lion Pty Ltd

We have a Live Fiori Launchpad with hundreds of roles assigned to thousands of users. Each of these role(s) have one or more Tile catalogs and Tile groups.

It has been over a year since the initial deployment and end-users have personalised their home pages extensively:-

  • Pinned Tiles from assigned catalogs into the home page
  • Pinned Transactions from assigned roles from User Menu into the Home page
  • Removed pinned tiles from home page
  • Re-arranged Tile orders within Tile group
  • Re-arranged Tile group order
  • Renamed Tiles and Tile Groups.
  • etc.


We are doing a big UX revamp now including, but not exclusive to:

  • Remove and Add transactions and Apps from roles
  • Optimize Tile groups by pinning and unpinning tiles
  • Re-ordering Tiles within tile groups etc.

We have noticed that when the design-time changes are promoted from development to higher environments:

  • Tiles pinned by the user from the user menu onto Fiori launchpad, when removed from the user menu, does not automatically get removed from the home page. They come up as “Cannot Load Tile”
  • Tile groups that were customised by end-users do not reflect any changes (addition and removal of pinned tiles or re-ordering of pinned tiles) unless end-users “Resets” the affected Tile group.

This is not a cache problem, but a personalisation problem. If we clear the end-user personalisation, these changes get reflected on the home page. But clearing end-user personalisation, in our case, would also clear 1 year worth of user personalisation and we want to avoid it if possible.

Is there a way to reflect all design time changes in the groups that were personalised and avoid errors like “Cannot load Tile”?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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