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Tieto Finland Oy


one of our customer is on very lower version of UI5 library( around 1.20 ) and now we are planning to upgrade the UI library to latest version. we are having doubts regarding  below points.

  1. UI control libraries like sap.ui,commons are deprecated- should we replace the UI control with compatible ones or is it OK to continue with old.
  2. custom theme – how to proceed for upgrading the new theme.
  3. is there any guideline by SAP about how to upgrade apps to new library version or some kind of accelerator which will help in to minimize the efforts.
  4. customer requirement is to minimize the changes required to existing apps as it will require considerable efforts for retesting them.



Hello Yashpal,

let me try to give at least some hints to answer your questions:

In general I would recommend to read https://ui5.sap.com/#/topic/91f087396f4d1014b6dd926db0e91070 to get a better understanding of SAP’s vision of how stability of UI5 shall be reached between UI5 versions.

Referring to your questions:

  1. You should possibly replace the deprecated controls in the long run. “Deprecated” means, that these controls aren’t developed anymore. Browser compatibility will possibly slip away, also compatibility with other, new controls (when they are used together) and with new themes. Therefore I would recommend to at least plan a switch.
    If this seems impossible in regards of timelines, you also can go for a extensive test session after you have (maybe test-wise) upgraded your UI5 version. Maybe everything is still working fine and you are good to go for another release. But that risk lays on your shoulders – SAP neither guarantees that the controls still work the same after upgrading nor does SAP fix anything in deprecated controls.
  2. It depends on how the custom theme has been generated. For themes made with the Theme Desginer, please rebuild your theme: https://help.sap.com/saphelp_uiaddon10/helpdata/en/a1/18094264684230bb6510045b5b5b7c/frameset.htm
  3. As far as I know there is no official “Guideline”. There are some hints in the Documentation that are also relevant for you: http://veui5infra.dhcp.wdf.sap.corp:8080/demokit/#/topic/c1025c2e30a748ae82e929cb7f6d2f9a
    In addition the strategy of SAP is to have two kinds of releases: long-term and innovation releases.
    The recommendation is to use always a supported version – with that it is given that the effort for adaptions might be very easy and the source for information is the Change Log.


Hope that helps a bit…


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