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My scenario is this. User is creating a master sales order for a customer and the sales order contains 10-50 different materials. Each material can be priced according to different packaging and sourced from different plants (these become separate price records within each material). The best way to manage the sales order is with a split-screen layout that shows the list of materials on the left (i.e. Items) and the details of each material including multiple price records (i.e. Sub-Items) on the right. After the user has all materials and price records created, they need to navigate to a full-screen layout that shows an overview of the whole sales order (all materials and all price records contained within each material). As I understand the guidelines, direct navigation from the split-screen layout to full-screen layout is not possible as it’s considered a different app. From the user’s point of view – they want to maintain their place within the sales order and be able to see the overview. The full-screen layout must be used for the overview because it can’t be presented within the context of a single material in the split-screen. Can a different approach be made to accommodate this requirement other than what I’ve diagrammed below?


Hi Becky,

With SAPUI5 1.46 SAP will offer the Flexible Column Layout. I believe this approach might solve your issue. The control is suitable for apps that need to display several logical levels of related information side by side, for example, a list of items, item, sub-item. You would then be able to increase the size of the screen for the sub-item to full screen:

Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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