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Creative Director / User Experience Design Expert
hybris GmbH, Walldorf

I am pretty sure almost everybody had already thought about how cool it might be to walk into a store, taking all the goods you need, and then just leaving the store and making the checkout without having to do any transactions and standing in the line – well Amazon is calling it “just walk out technology” – or better to remember Amazon Go. Amazon Go is coming early 2017 – the location of the first store will be at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, Washington.
Test users have already testing the store. Amazon is outlining currently the basic details, but I don’t have the full picture and process yet.

Amazon tells it will be fairly simple for the customer. The customer walks into the store, scans and gets recognized by his mobile device. A cart will be created automatically and the customer can collect his goods – that easy.

We all know the ideas of Walmart in the US and Globus and Metro in Germany – they used an actual cart and a scanner. They used either a bar code scanner or RFID scanner. Amazon is using – I guess NFC-Technology. With this, the customer doesn’t even need to have an actual cart, he can use his basket to collect his goods.

I love the idea BUT I wonder whether the end consumer is ready? Is your mom, your dad, your grandma ready? And I wonder what safeguards Amazon will be putting to minimize theft and all that goes with it, because let’s be honest we all know, people will always find ways to deceive and thieve.
Let’s see if this is an idea that will actually be successful.
I hope yes – because I hate to stand in line  🙂



User Experience Evangelist

Amazon Go is the next frontier in retail. Can I imagine my mother using this? Well, she is in her late-70’s, but if they offer her a coupon, she’ll go! Seriously, on the one hand, getting people to accept this technology is a matter of using the right incentives (like discounts or a great customer experience). On the other hand, it is another case where workers are being replaced by technology and jobs will be lost. We better all start thinking pretty fast about new jobs for people, otherwise everyplace will soon be the rustbelt. Looking around at the state of the world today, it seems like there is a lot of work to be done. In particular social problems abound. The big challenge, in my view, is finding the money to pay people to tackle the real problems in today’s world and getting people skilled up for tomorrow’s jobs.

Creative Director / User Experience Design Expert
hybris GmbH, Walldorf

Understanding user acceptance of a new technology or service is a complex but important part of human factors research and our work. And for sure right incentives and most of all providing great customer experience by understanding user’s individual expectations, needs and worries are the keys for acceptance.

One big stumbling block might be that there are still whole countries which believe in cash money and mistrust cashless shopping.

And you are right – we shouldn’t underestimate the challenges of the world surrounding this new technologies.

I learned from a 20four7va retailer that this is useful for physical shoppers. I was in awe when I first saw this ad.

this is a quite intelligent technology for human being, i was shocked when i heard it . the society is growing up, so it also needs some high technologies too, yes, maybe it will happen there will less jobs for people, but don’t forget it, after every machine , every technology, it’s people. look back to the supermarket, they have automatical check-out machine, but also it has salesmen too, it works well now. so we don’t need to afraid of it , we need to accept it , and we will see what it will bring to us .

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