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How is Design Studio used, or where is the DesignStudio positioned,  in the context of SAP UX strategy?

Now SAP says

New –> Custom App with UI5

renew–> FIori

Enable–> Persona

but I cannot fint the term of “Design Studio”.

1. DesignStudio is the Dev tool mainly optimized for BEX query of BW, but it can be used for creating UI on XS engine using HANA View.

2. On the other hand, dashboard can be created as custom application with Odata/UI5.

With what solution customers should use for creating dashboard?

I think there are mainly 2 factors: a. data source, b. skill of developer

a. datasource

If data source is HANA View, 2 may be good as well. If BEX query is mandatory for their dashboard,  b. Design Studio is better to use, because at the moment, there are some limitations to use BEX query on XS engine. (but tomorrow never knows..) And I think the report scenario is limited if data in ERP can only be used. e.g. monthly stock trend.

b. skill of developer

If Developer well know about Javascript, it may be better to create with UI5 without any dev tools. But for me, who dont know well about Javascript, DesignStudio is very useful tool, whether the source is BEx or Odata.

Any opinions are welcome.

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Design Studio is a toolset which allows to quickly develop Fiori-like analytical applications.

It is a powerful tool for defining analytical UIs through a WYSIWYG editor where only a small amount of code must be added by the user

For example in S4 Hana Suite it is used for embedded analytics.

There are plans to support Design Stuido apps as alternative drill-down apps for Smart Business

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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